Light heavyweights…What happens now?

Light heavyweights…What happens now?

In the world of MMA, nothing is for sure!

But what does that entail for the fighters, title runs, a fighters legacy?

In the picture of the light heavyweight division the saying “hold water” comes to mind with the layout of the division now that the champion Daniel DC Cornier (champ champ) has vacated his title to defend his heavyweight belt against the beast Derrick Lewis at UFC 230 on Nov 4th.

We have one of the biggest rematches coming up with not just the anticipated return of the former champion Jon Jones but the anticipated re-run of a great fight with Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 in December.

But is it for the legit title? Is it an interim? Does D.C become the No1 contender or return as champion? A lot of questions and possibilities are being asked about the once stacked division in the UFC.

Maybe that’s a good thing to have, especially for passionate fans to debate who is the “goat” in the division? Who is the champ? Who is the contender or future champion?

How can these questions be answered if there is no real big picture of the light heavyweight division? In past times Jones dominated and we knew where we were with who he was fighting! When he was fighting!

How many times he defended his title! But compared to today I couldn’t personally tell you the approach of the division, and what I mean is that I don’t think the UFC has a master plan. Maybe they do but again this is the MMA game.

With all the questions does bring excitement and open doors for a lot of fights and outcomes in the division. Cormier has done great in becoming a double champion but there is an aftermath and the silver lining is that we can put that behind us and get back on track to having a title that actually has meaning and value.

Because we deserve a champion who defends it against top contenders in anticipated fashion.

There is light in the mayhem with good fighters emerging in Anthony Smith, Dominick Reyes and also we have the possibility of middleweights in Chris Weidman, Luke Rockhold and Yoel Romero moving up weight.

But don’t these fighters deserve to know what’s happening in the division? Surely they don’t want uncertain futures.

The once deepest, most stacked division can become once again but and a big but has to be will the division always be stagnant and not have moves or situations reset the light heavyweight division.

Maybe I’m taking it a bit to personal but don’t we as fans and especially the fighters deserve not to have their journey thrown into disorder and just keep the division moving forward and enjoy the ride of seeing who gets the gold around their waist.

That’s what everyone wants, isn’t it? It’s not asking for much, is it?


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