Brave 17 Official Results

Brave Combat Federation hosted the 17th edition of the event which marked the first International Mixed Martial Arts event taking place in Pakistan. The fight card featured 10 fights featuring fighters representing 12 nations. The event was held at the Nistar Park Sports Complex in Lahore, Pakistan. The fight night featured intense rounds of action featuring heated rivalries, outbursts of emotions and athletes showcasing intense showmanship. The fight night started with two inspiring bouts that set the tone for the night.

The opening bout showcased a lightning fast stoppage victory by Mohammad Abbas Khan who finished Sikaner Badar within 14 seconds of the first round. This was followed by three rounds of action between the inspiring Najam Khan from Pakistan who overcame polio at a young age and pursued his dream to become a professional fighter. He faced Mohammad Wasim from Afghanistan in a fight that went three rounds. In the end, the bout ended with Najam Khan winning by technical submission. Haider Farman made his third appearance at Brave Combat Federation against Ariel Oliveros. In a bout that showcased solid stand up action, Farman finished the bout with a guillotine submission in the second round.

John Brewin from New Zealand faced Ahmed Amir from Egypt in a bout that showcased two of the rising stars of the division. Brewin was fighting his fourth professional fight while Amir was returning to the cage after his first loss in five years of professional career. The bout began with wrestling where Amir was mounting pressure on Brewin. But the tides turned as the New Zealander was back in control as he rained punches on Amir. Amir covered up as the bout was nearing the final seconds eating the punches and taking severe damage without defending which was called up by the referee as a TKO for lack of intelligent defence. An angry Amir stormed out of the cage challenging the decision. Brewin stood tall with his fourth straight win in his undefeated professional career.

Yibugele and Zia Mashwani celebrated a strike fest in the final bout of the undercard. The fighters put the audience on their feet as both took the game to the next level. However, in the third round, Yibugele landed an explosive right that left Mashwani on the floor in one of the best knockouts in the history of the promotion. The bout automatically wins the knockout of the night by a mile. Aidan James returned to score a shocking second victory over SBG Ireland as the 2015 IMMAF Gold Medalist, Frans Mlambo was left without an answer as the rear-naked choke gripped tight. In pure warrior fashion, Mlambo refused to tap and decided to be choked to sleep. After the bout, the two fighters expressed mutual respect and set an example of sportsmanship.

Mehmosh Raza claimed the fastest finish in the history of Brave Combat Federation with a submission within 27 seconds of the first round. This was followed by one of the most controversial bouts in the history of the promotion as the 2017 IMMAF Gold medalist from Dagestan, Gamzat Magomedov faced JP Buys from South Africa. JP Buys dominated his way through in the first round against Gamzat Magomedov with high precision strikes that rocked Gamzat. However, the second round witnessed one of the most aggressive sides of Gamzat as he used his wrestling skills to take down and pin the South African bantamweight against the cage.

Despite warnings from Marc Goddard, Magomedov landed intentional elbows to the back of his head which forced the referee to stop the fight. JP Buys was declared the winner since Gamzat Magomedov was disqualified. A disappointed Gamzat charged against JP Buys. However, Chad Hanekom was in time to defend JP Buys, pushing away Gamzat from inflicting further damage. The display of lack of sportsmen like conduct was put down immediately as Mohammed Shahid, President of Brave Combat Federation and the officials called upon the security to evict the group of fighters out of the cage. After evicting the fighter and team that caused disruption, JP Buys was declared the winner.

Jeremy Pacatiw and Uloomi Karim gave Pakistan a memorable co-main event which will be remembered for a long time. In a bout that went the distance, Pacatiw showcased an improved level of performance to dominate the first round inflicting a lot of damage upon his opponent. While it seemed that victory was in reach for Pacatiw, Karim bounced back in a pure display of heart grinding Pacatiw against the cage and busting open his nose with a series of elbows that connected. The third round started with Pacatiw and Karim greeting each other in a pure display of heart and warrior spirit. Both the fighters left gave a round to remember for the fight fans in Pakistan. After Pacatiw was declared as the winner, he thanked and appreciated his opponent, the coach of his opponent and Pakistan for the welcome and sharing the cage with him for a memorable fight.

The main event of the evening featured Rodrigo Cavalheiro from Brazil facing Abdoul Abdouraguimov from France. In a bout that went the distance, the explosive force from Cavalheiro was constantly negated by the expert Jiu-Jitsu from Abdoul. The bout went to the judges who declared Abdoul as the winner by unanimous decision. The winner will be the next in line to face Jarrah Al Selawe for the welterweight championship.

Brave Combat Federation will showcase the upcoming edition of the event on 16th November in the Kingdom of Bahrain during Brave International Combat Week 2018, which marks the largest combat sports festival in Asia. The fight night will feature three championship titles being defended including the lightweight, bantamweight and the inaugural featherweight championship.

Official  results

Main card

Abdoul Abdouraguimov defeats Rodrigo Cavalheiro by unanimous decision

Jeremy Pacatiw defeats Uloomi Kareem by unanimous decision

J P Buys defeats Gamzat Magomedov by DQ (Round 2)

Mehmosh Raza defeats Arben Escayo by submission (Round 1) 

Aidan James defeats Frans Mlambo by technical submission (Round 1)


Yibugele defeats Zia Mashwani bt Knockout (Round 3)

John Brewin defeats Ahmed Amir by TKO (Round 2)

Haider Farman defeats Ariel Oliveros by Guillotine choke (Round 2) 

Najam Khan defeats Mohammad Wasim by Technical Submission (Round 3)

Abbas Khan defeats Sikander Badar by TKO (Round 1)

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