‘Muay Thai Jam’ 9 at The Jam House, Edinburgh preview and interview with Hanuman fighter Graham Southall

Muay Thai Jam 9 takes place on Sunday 11th November 2018 at The Jam House in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Tickets are available on the door or buy in advance by clicking here.

Jam House, 5 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JE – Doors open at 1:30 pm

£30 Admission / £45 Ringside / Tables are also available for booking

MAIN EVENT – Alex MacGregor – (Hanuman) vs Franz Borchardt – (Spain) – A Class Muay Thai (70kg)

Calum Deans – (Hanuman) vs Nestor Pazmino – (Spain) – Pro-am Muay Thai (71kg)

Keirin Burns – (Hanuman) vs Abismael Gil – (Spain) – Pro-am Muay Thai (65kg)

Simon Hall – (Hanuman) vs Victor Oliva – (Spain) – Pro-am Muay Thai (76kg)

Graham Southall – (Hanuman) vs Mauricio Jurado Soler – (Spain) – Pro-am Muay Thai (82kg)

Mateusz Sarwuta – (Hanuman) vs Eddie Gill – (DBMA Darlington) – Pro-am Muay Thai (78kg)

Joe Wong – (Hanuman) vs David Sinclair – (Griphouse) – Pro-am Muay Thai (60kg)

Radek Kalisz – (Hanuman) vs Roney Lee – (POS) – Pro-am Muay Thai (71kg)

Artur Biernasz – (Hanuman) vs Ali Robertson – (Sit Mungthai) – Pro-am Muay Thai (67kg)

Mateusz Milon – (Hanuman) vs Gegg Knox – (Black Diamond) – K1 kickboxing (77kg)

Tea Elming – (Hanuman) vs Julia Krysberg – (Puncher Wroclaw, Poland) – Amateur Muay Thai (70kg)



We spoke to Graham Southall who trains out of Hanuman Thai Boxing and is making his debut this Sunday;


How is preparation going for your fight? 

‘Preparation has gone really well. This being my first fight, I’ve tried to learn as much as I can from the more experienced guys in the gym and my coaches to make sure I’m ready.’


Do you know anything about your opponent?

‘My original opponent pulled out with a week to go until the fight, but thankfully my coaches have managed to find a replacement as I’d have been gutted to miss out. All I know is that the guy is coming over from Spain and has had a few fights, but it doesn’t really change anything for me as I’ve been more focused on my own preparation.’


What would you say is your strongest asset as a kickboxer?

‘Well, I think I’d be able to answer that better Sunday! I hope the skills/techniques/combinations I’ve been working on in training and sparring can be translated well to the actual fight. I’m sparring with some great fighters at my gym (Hanuman) on a weekly basis, which gives me confidence going into it.


If you win, how do you plan on celebrating?

‘A lot of my friends found it hard to believe that I could last as long as I have done without touching a drink, and to be honest, I’ve surprised myself a bit! I’ve taken a few days off work after, so I’ll be making up for some lost time win or lose!’


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If you would like give Muay Thai / kickboxing a try, Hanuman Thai Boxing has classes for all skill levels. They are located at –

10 Stewartfield
Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH6 5RQ
Check out their timetable on Facebook by clicking here.
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