Cage Warriors Academy North West 4 – Live Results

Cage Warriors Academy North West 4 – Live updates from the Eventim Olympia in Liverpool, England on Saturday 1st December 2018.

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Follow the results below:
Amateur Card:

Thornton (Masda/Sukata) vs Teare (Supergym Northwich)

Spencer (Fulinkazan) vs Bellis (HAMMA) / Lauren Bellis by Unanimous Decision

McCoey (Masda/Sukata) vs Chamberlain (Shawfight) / Cameron Chamberlain by TKO (Rd 3, 1:51)

Prendergast (SBG 24) vs Hailey (Supremacy) / Leslie Hailey by Split Decision

Arrowsmith (Unit 1 MMA) vs Webb (Next Generation) / Paul Webb by TKO (Rd 1, 1:15)

Williams (4 Corners) vs Mikolajewski (Team Elite) / Mariusz Mikolajewski by TKO (Rd 3, 2:36)

Thomson (Aspire) vs Jones (Unit 1 MMA) / Dylan Thomson by Triangle Choke (Rd 1, 1:06)

Khan (Fulinkazan) vs Kelly (Next Generation) / Ben Petches Kelly by KO (Rd 1, 0:09)

Aruajo (Masda/Sukata) vs Darby (Team Ryano) / Adam Darby by KO (Rd 3, 1:03)

Smith (Next Generation) vs Byrne (SBG 24) / Mike Byrne by Armbar (Rd 2, 2:18)

Johnson (Aspire) vs Wilson (Next Generation) / Connor Wilson by TKO (Rd 2, 1:52)

Statchura (Fulinkazan) vs Said (Masda/Sukata) / Oskar Statchura by Armbar (Rd 2, 0:40)

Wentworth (Team Elite) vs Dixon (Rich Nicolson) / Julian Wentworth by Keylock Choke (Rd 2, 1:42)

Stringer (53 Degrees) vs Thompson (MMA Academy) / Mike Thompson by Split Decision

Junior Am Flyweight Title Champ M. Jones (Aspire) vs J.J. Jones (Team Elite) / Marlon Jones retains title by Unanimous Decision

Am Featherweight Title – Budoiu (Team Ryano) vs Small (Next Generation) / Aaron Small by Anaconda Choke (Rd 2, 1:45)

Junior Am Bantamweight Title – McCracken (Aspire) vs Campbell (MMA Academy) / Liam McCracken earns title by Unanimous Decision

Am Welterweight Title – Cullen (Next Generation) vs Clarke (HAMMA) / John Clarke earns title by Armbar (Rd 1, 2:15)

Interim Am Flyweight Title – Temple (Fulinkazan) vs Breen (Next Generation) / Francis Breen earns title by TKO (Rd 1, 2:23)

Am Bantamweight Title – Abbott-Bissett (Aspire) vs Small (Next Generation) / Jamie Abbott-Bissett earns title by Rear Naked Choke (Rd 5, 0:44)
Professional Bouts

Welterweight Title – Camilleri (BJJ Team Malta) vs McNight (Next Generation) / Matthew Canilleri by Unanimous Decision

Wilson (Next Generation) vs Orourke (Team Ryano) / Adam Wilson by TKO (Rd 1, 2:27)

Pallett (HAMMA) vs Daly (Team Ryano) / Bobby Pallett wins by opponent corner stoppage at the end of Round 2

Main Event – Ventre (Next Generation) vs Faour (Hamburg West Fight Elite) / Adam Centre by TKO (Rd 1, 4:54)

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