Caged Steel 22 Results

Saturday 1 December 2018 at The Dome, Doncaster. Caged Steel returned to The Dome in Doncaster for their 22nd event, with international-calibre mixed martial arts and some of the most highly regarded combatants in the UK and Europe taking to the cage to showcase their skills in 20 bouts of full-contact action in front of a sell out crowd. Full results below.

1. Amateur MMA
George Staines Vs Stafford Swainston
George Staines wins via Gulitione in 32 seconds – Round 1

2. Amateur MMA
Kobe Christopher vs Jordan Wheater
Kobe Christopher wins via Rear naked choke in 31 seconds – Round 1

3. Amateur MMA
Pawel Motyka vs Jamie Cooke
Jamie Cooke wins via TKO Ground and pound in 41 Seconds – Round 2

4. Amateur MMA
Jamie Lee McGriffen Vs Brad Kittrick
Brad Kittrick wins via TKO Ground and pound in 2 minutes 59 seconds – Round 1

5. Amateur MMA
Jack Scott vs James Green
James Green wins via TKO Ground and pound in 1 minute 03 seconds – Round 1

6. Caged Boxing
Wesley O’Neill vs Scott Harper
Scott Harper wins via TKO – Ref Stoppage in 1 minute 35 seconds – Round 1

7. Amateur MMA
Kai Holmes vs Brett Baker
Kai Holmes wins via Unanimous Decision

8. Amateur MMA
Lewis Burton vs Aaron Blakey
Lewis Burton wins via TKO Ground and pound in 36 seconds – Round 3

Amateur MMA
Karl Moughan Vs Mujjy Ahmed
Mujjy Ahmed wins via Rear naked choke in 1 minute 18 seconds – Round 1

10. Amateur MMA
Jack Comby vs Qendrim Pallata
Jack Comby wins via Unanimous Decision

11. Caged Boxing
Reece Murray vs Tom Mullen
Tom Mullen wins via Unanimous Decision

12. Amateur MMA
Ash Gibson vs Chris Hill
Chris Hill wins via TKO Ground and pound in 1 minute 1 second – Round 1

13. Amateur MMA
Seb Sroka vs Matty Hillier
Seb Sroka wins via TKO Ground and pound in 1 minute 56 seconds – Round 2

14. Amateur MMA
Seb Stuchlic vs James Power
James Power wins via TKO in 40 seconds – Round 1

15. Pro MMA
Liam Hodgson Vs Piotr Chmielecki
Piotr Chmielecki wins via Ankle lock in 17 seconds – Round 1

16. Amateur MMA
Lewis Beattie vs Tom Quinn
Tom Quinn wins via TKO in 22 seconds – Round 1

17. Caged Boxing
Will Cairns vs Matt Pepper
Will Cairns wins via KO in 1 minute 20 seconds – Round 1

18. Pro MMA
Linas Meistavicius vs Callum Mullen
Callum Mullen wins via TKO in 1 minute 6 seconds – Round 1

19. Pro MMA
Brad Evans vs Kiru Singh Sahota
Kiru Singh Sahota wins via Rear naked choke in 1 minute 33 seconds – Round 2

20. Pro MMA
Thomas Jessing vs Rico Franco
Rico Franco wins via TKO in 4 minutes 11 seconds – Round 2

21. Pro MMA
Lukasz Pilch vs Madars Fleminas
Madars Fleminas wins via Gulitione in 2 minutes 52 seconds – Round 1

22. Pro MMA
Nathias Frederick vs Marcin Prostko
Nathias Frederick wins via TKO in 2 minutes 31 seconds – Round 2


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