Ross Nicholls – Taking the World by storm


This is an interview with RGA Black Belt Ross Nicholls who has been performing very well recently on the regional scene and has even qualified for ADCC 2019, earning his place amongst not only one of the best in the UK but one of the best in the whole world.


“Hello Ross, thanks for doing the interview as I know you’re busy.” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

“It’s not a problem man, I’m teaching a class at eight but I’m happy to do it.” – Ross Nicholls

“So I’ll just dive right in with some fan questions, I have a Craig McIntosh wondering at what age did you feel that you could start competing with the very best in the World?” –  Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

“*Chuckling* I still don’t think I can compete with the best in the World, I get nervous but when I’m on the mat I’m a lot calmer.” – Ross Nicholls

“You don’t think you’re one of the best in the world? You just won the ADCC European Trials and also just beat Gianni Grippo, who won the IBJJF NoGi Worlds?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

“*Chuckling* Yeah I know man.” – Ross Nicholls

“I have a Finlay Nixon asking a few questions. Firstly, what have you changed about your game since the loss to Oliver Taza at Polaris in 2017? Secondly, how has training at 10th Planet London helped your game? Lastly, whose style of grappling do you try to emulate the most?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

“Honestly, the game has pretty much been the same since that fight, the only issue at the time was trying to implement it into live competition but my game is still similar to what it was before the match. The biggest difference for that match preparation was because he was a Danaher guy so there was a lot more leg lock defence and attacks to try and deal with his style. Training at 10th Planet London has helped me because they do drill more leg locks and a lot of the stuff you see used at the highest competitive levels. I don’t try to emulate anyone really, I think everyone just kind of learns from everyone because of the nature of the sport it is easy to see techniques and such shared on social media, if I was to choose though then probably Marcelo Garcia and I obviously love a lot of what Roger Gracie does.” – Ross Nicholls

“I have GrappleFest promoter Chris Thompson wondering when you are wanting to comeback on GrappleFest to defend your title and if there is anyone you’d be interested in fighting next?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

“I’ll be happy to fight on the next show, there’s nobody really in mind for me to fight next. I was a bit burnt out by the end of last year so I’m looking forward to getting back in there.” – Ross Nicholls

“Was there any differences you took in your approach towards grappling in the run up to the ADCC European Trials and is there anything you want to try and implement in your grappling game before ADCC 2019, after all you’ve beaten some pretty hefty names, including a victory over undefeated Lightweight and arguably the best Lightweight in the world not signed to Bellator or the UFC in Mateusz Gamrot?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

“Not really man, I’ve been playing a lot of half guard and butterfly guard, so everything, like the Taza fight was similar to what I had already been doing. There was big brackets at the trials but I wasn’t too concerned going into it, I was more in it to see what happens but I was obviously very happy with the result but I didn’t want to put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself going into it. I’ll probably just keep doing what I’m doing because it works best for me but I’m always open to learning really.” – Ross Nicholls

“With the explosion of BJJ in the UK recently who are some of the best grapplers you think are around right now?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

Ffion Davies and Sam Cook are doing very well as of right now, the women are probably competing at a higher level than the men right now. Guys like Daniel Strauss, Ash Williams, Bradley Hill and Eoghan O’Flanagan are performing really well right now.” – Ross Nicholls

“Would you ever consider fighting in MMA, after all you do have a victory over KSW Lightweight Champion Mateusz Gamrot?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

“*Chuckling* In a cage he’d probably beat me up so I’m not sure. MMA is something I’ve considered but as of right now my complete focus is on BJJ and I’m always looking to improve. With the ADCC coming up it’s an opportunity to really push my BJJ development to new levels.” – Ross Nicholls

“Is there anything you’d like to say before we end this interview?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

“I’d like to thank my sponsors Tatami Fightwear and Fight Oil Company and if people want to follow my progress on Instagram that would be appreciated (” – Ross Nicholls

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