Catch Me If You Can – Curran Jacobs Interview

Catch Me If You Can – Curran Jacobs Interview

This interview is with Catch Wrestling World Champion Curran Jacobs.


“With your dominance at the 2018 Catch Wrestling World Championship you made it clear that you are the clear number one in the world, as far as opponents to potentially face, who would you be interested in competing against next?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

Josh Barnett is the number one contender. He was originally supposed to compete in the tournament last July but had to pull out of it due to an injury. I have a venue available in my home state of Michigan for this to take place – all Josh has to do is agree to it and the date will be set. A lot of people think he is going to do whatever it takes to avoid me – but I have been speaking with Josh and he seems to be on board.” – Curran Jacobs

“With Josh Barnett competing frequently in Catch tournaments do you believe a match between you both will be easier to materialise?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

“I have faith that Josh will agree to take me on. I went over to his turf last July and took his strap. If he wants it back, he has to beat me for it. The entire Catch Wrestling community is watching – if he doesn’t wrestle me, it will go down in history that he avoided me to maintain the myth that he is the best Catch Wrestler on the planet.” – Curran Jacobs

“Does a match with Josh Leduc intrigue you due to his aggressive leg lock attack style?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

“Josh Leduc’s ‘aggressive leg lock style’ only works on people who play into that game. If he faced me in a catch match it wouldn’t go over too well for him – he isn’t a wrestler. If he beats Brandon Ruiz (opponent Curran submitted previously) then he is welcome to face me for the true world title.” – Curran Jacobs

“When you won the World Championship under Snake Pit USA there was a lot of controversy around how the tournament played out and ho it was operated, were you expecting there to be so many stipulations enforced to work against you?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

“100% – I knew going in that the deck was stacked against me. I posted a video on YouTube called ‘Uniting Catch Wrestling’ that explains the situation entirely ( Those promoters, Jake Shannon and Joel Bane, wanted to hurt me and embarrass me and they failed.” – Curran Jacobs

“In the past few months has the relationship with Jake Shannon improved at all or is there still a falling out?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

Jake Shannon only cares about himself. A lot of people have told me that he is a fraud throughout the years- a very manipulative businessman. After my experiences of trying to be cordial with him, I can safely say that I am not a fan.” – Curran Jacobs

BJJ Black Belt John Danaher recently disregarded the Americana, saying that it is not successful in competition, what are your thoughts on his recent comments?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

“I would tell him that in Catch Wrestling it is called a top wrist lock. Then I would show him the technique. As far as his comments are concerned, he lost all credibility when he tried convincing everyone that Gordon Ryan’s physical transformation had nothing to do with steroids. The man must think we’re all stupid.” – Curran Jacobs

“Is there going to be a match with BJJ rival Gordon Ryan?” – Sean Lafferty (Interviewer)

“Gordon Ryan is a very accomplished grappler but he is after having accepted the match. It s frustrating,all the politics involved in this game.” – Curran Jacobs



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