Scottish Martial Arts Centre Jiu-Jitsu coach Craig ‘Mop’ McIntosh isn’t overly known in the UK grappling circuit, however, this is only a fatal error on behalf of the UK BJJ community. Known for his slick attacking heavy style and rapidness of submission finishes he is dangerous in any position, reminiscent of the offensive submission game of El Cucuy, he really is a non-stop threat. Having had some small roles in organisations like Polaris and GrappleFest it looks as if his skills are starting to catch the attention of some of the top grappling promoters in the UK.

On the local circuit competition show Scottish Grappling Invitational he has managed to go 4-0 under the organisation, collecting gold along the way. Prior to his full commitment to grappling he had a successful MMA career, finding 10 submission victories along the way under the tutelage of Higher Level MMA head coach James Doolan. What makes the grappling career of ‘Mop’ very interesting is his success at the high-level grapplers that he has come across, going 4-2 against black belt competition, when he himself was just very recently promoted to Brown Belt, with his teammate Calum Murrie becoming the first ever 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu black belt in Scotland. With his performances on recent shows proving that he can compete amongst the very best grapplers the UK but has also the shown that he can compete at a World, when he did this against Lachlan Giles prospect Izaak Michell,Ā Mop‘ is certainly cementing his place as one of the very best grapplers in the country.



BJJ Brown Belt from Rio Grappling Club
10th Planet Brown Belt
NAGA Expert Champion 75kg x2 Ā Master 1
NAGA Purple belt ChampionĀ Master 1
Scottish Grappling Invitational 80kg Champ
West of Scotland Absolute Elite ChampĀ Adult
Battle in the Glen Champion (66kg)
Headhunters Grand Prix Champion (70kg)

Multiple time Scottish Adult and Master division winner.

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