The Kosovar Mixed Martial Arts Federation joins IMMAF

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) proudly adds to its significant presence in the Balkan Peninsula with its welcoming of the Kosovar Mixed Martial Arts Federation (Federata Arteve Mikse Marciale Kosoves – FAMMK).

Founded in 2019 and based in the capital city of Prishtina, FAMMK is headed by IMMAF championships veteran Besart Berisha, who represented Austria at the 2017 IMMAF World Championships and 2018 European Open. The Kosovo-born athlete drew upon the experience of the Austrian MMA Federation, who were instrumental in assisting the establishment of FAMMK. With a diverse and skilled board accompanied by a large volunteer workforce, the FAMMK have worked efficiently to unite local MMA clubs and establish a relationship with Kosovo’s Olympic Committee.

As a result, Kosovo hosted its first international competition for amateurs last February, welcoming talent from Albania, Macedonia and Austria.

While the newly established body continues to receive support from fellow IMMAF nations including Austria and Germany, FAMMK aims to firmly establish MMA among the top 3 most active sports in Kosovo.

The objectives of the FAMMK include the:

  • Introduction of the MMA community to IMMAF educational pathways for coaches and officials.
  • Establishment of regular competitions for domestic talent.
  • Development of a national team for the IMMAF Championships platform.
  • Continuation of work with schools to establish youth opportunities through MMA
  • Continued progress to achieve official recognition from the Kosovan government and/or the National Olympic Committee.


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