LFA 86 headliner Jimmy Flick speaks with Myles Painter of MMA UK

LFA 86 headliner Jimmy Flick speaks with Myles Painter of MMA UK

LFA 86 headliner Jimmy Flick speaks to MMA UK’S Myles Painter ahead of his clash on July 24 against Greg Fischer for the LFA flyweight title.

Myles Painter- You are scheduled to fight for the LFA flyweight title at LFA 86 on July 24 against Greg Fischer. With this being the second LFA event you have headlined, what is your mindset heading into this event and how have you grown as a mixed martial artist?

Jimmy Flick- Well with my first main event being against a guy like Johnny Bedford with almost 40 pro fights and being a huge underdog. I feel that helps me a lot going into this fight and my mindset is good, we are getting to do what we love during this crazy time, I couldn’t be happier. Since my first fight with LFA, I have been working on my stand up and becoming the well-rounded fighter I know I am.

Myles Painter- How did you come to be involved with mixed martial arts?

Jimmy Flick- I started wrestling when I was a kid, I had two older brothers and two older sisters so I got picked on a lot. Growing up life wasn’t easy, my dad worked hard to keep us in sports but we lived a poor life but that’s what makes me work so hard. When I turned 17 I dropped out of school moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, and started training under BJJ Black Belt Hector Munoz, and from that day on I knew I wanted to be a fighter.

Myles Painter – The majority of your professional victories have come via submission, what is your go-to submission of choice?

Jimmy Flick – Yes sir, I love the ground and feel I can submit any flyweight in the game. There’s a choke they call the Von Flue, but I call it the Von Flick because I have 4 pro wins by it and it is my favourite choke.

Myles Painter – Other than training, what hobbies do you do to relax and refocus your mind after a long day?

Jimmy Flick – Honestly, I don’t Fighting is my dream, my hobby and what I like to do when I am not working or spending time with my beautiful wife and two beautiful girls.

Myles Painter-Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I’m probably the pickiest fighter in the world no joke. Everything I eat is plain and dry. I do not eat any condiments besides BBQ Sauce (preferably Head Country made here in Oklahoma)

Myles Painter- As an Oklahoman, what is your favorite venue to put a show on in the Sooner State and why?

Jimmy Flick- River Spirit Casino here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The venue was set up for fights and there’s not a bad seat in the house.  Plus get to do some gambling after fights so can’t beat that.

Myles Painter- Favorite MMA fight or fighter of all time?

Jimmy Flick- Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone I’ve trained with him many times and even got to live at his house twice. I trained for my second pro fight why living at his place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Cowboy is such a good dude, always out working, training, having fun, and does everything a fighter should do and always shows up to fight no matter who is in front of him.



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