Contenders 30 Live Results

Contenders 30 Live Results

Contenders 30 returned on August 14th and they brought the “drive-in” concept with them. In the main event of the evening the KGP British Champion Charlie O’Neill vs the WKO English Champion Dean Pattinson.



Harry Osborne vs Kirill Khisamiev (Am 60kg boxing)

Winner Harry Osbourne via UD


Ahsan Ahmed vs Sam Smith (Am MMA 68kg catchweight)

Winner Ahsan Ahmad via TKO round 3


Cameron Aslam vs Morgan Hutcheon (Am 70kg boxing)

Winner Cameron Aslam via split decision


Jerum Agbude vs Raheel Khan (Am MMA 66kg)

Winner Jerum Agbude via TKO round 3


Billy Gamov vs Jack Purdy (Am 64kg boxing)

Winner Jack Purdy via UD


Gary Lockwood vs Alan McKensie (Am 72kg boxing)

Winner Gary Lockwood via UD


Mehdi Langois vs Sidney Tyler (Am 67kg K1)

Winner Mehdi Langois via UD


Phil Taylor vs Luke Goodge (Am MMA 64kg catchweight)

Winner Phil Taylor via TKO round 1


Bradley Owens vs Nick Heyes (Am MMA 74kg catchweight)

Winner Nick Heyes via UD


Main card

Tom Doyle vs Jakub Adamski

Winner Jakub Adamski via TKO round 1 – wins Contenders heavyweight boxing belt


Jabeed Rahman vs Chris Hayes (Pro MMA featherweight)

Winner Chris Hayes via heel hook in round 1


Stefano Catacoli vs Richard Mearns (Pro MMA lightweight)

Winner Stefano Catacoli via UD


Charlie O’Neill vs Dean Pattinson (77kg pro K1)

Winner Dean Pattinson via UD


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