Evolution Of Combat Weigh In Results

Evolution Of Combat Weigh In Results

Evolution of combat takes place Saturday 19th September PPV.

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PRO MMA Bantam (61kg) Kieran O’Brien Sweetfeet Kaizen Academy 61kg Vs Scott Malone Boom Boom Higher Level  60.9kg

Reece McEwan House Wives Favourite The Griphouse 61.5kg Vs Danny Missin Mini Hulk Allegiance MMA 61.3kg

Joe Kearns Big Kaizen Academy 117kg  Vs Jamie Macdonald Submission Factory

Shaun Conway Submission Factory 68kg Vs  Mak Reeder SBG South Shields

Sean Clancy Jr Higher Level 77.3kg Vs Ewan Muirhead Pirate MMA 76.4kg

Jordan Kearns Kaizen Academy 57.2kg Vs Billy Haswell SBG South Shields 57.15kg

Rafferty Stewart Kaizen Academy 72.3kg Vs Jimmy McCallum SMAC 72.4kg

Lewis Mackenzie Kaizen Academy 146lbs Vs Thomas Smith Macaco Gold Team – Immortals 66.6kg

Kenny Murphy Kaizen Academy 77.5kg Vs Nikolay Iliev Tapout & Knockout 76.3kg

Tom Staerke Kaizen Academy 66.2kg Vs Alex Burns EKMMA  66.3kg

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