Cage Warriors – THE TRILOGY full cards and how to watch

Cage Warriors – THE TRILOGY full cards and how to watch

The wait is over. Fight week is here, and Cage Warriors is back!

This week, Cage Warriors 114, 115 and 116 will take place across three consecutive nights on the 24th, 25th and 26th September in THE TRILOGY series. The triple-header will feature 5 world title fights and over 50 athletes, including some of Europe’s biggest names.

The events will take place behind-closed-doors at the BEC Arena in Manchester, broadcast to millions worldwide on UFC Fight Pass and a host of broadcast partners across the globe.

At the very top of THE TRILOGY series, Lightweight Champion Mason Jones will move up to challenge for his second world title against No1 Welterweight contender Adam Proctor in a domestic superfight. If he’s successful, Jones will join the UFC’s Conor McGregor and Dan Hardy as Cage Warriors two-weight champions.


On the same night, Morgan Charrieré and Max Coga will clash for the featherweight title in one of the highest-level European bouts of the year.

Cage Warriors Champions Jack Cartwright, Nathias Frederick and Samir Faiddine will all defend their belts across the series. Some of the hottest prospects on the European scene – including Paul Hughes, Ian Garry and Jake Hadley – are also looking to make a statement and keep their unbeaten streaks intact.


“We’ve pulled off big events before, but this is something else entirely. 5 world title fights and over 50 of our athletes across 3 days. We’re leaving no stone unturned,” said Cage Warriors President Graham Boylan.

“It’s taken a lot of planning, but we’re ready. We’re back to doing what we do best, and that’s showcasing Europe’s best talent and providing the proven pathway to the top.”
How to Watch
All Main Cards will be broadcast live on UFC Fight Pass (subscribers only) and on a host of territorial broadcast partners including:

Eleven Sports Network: Italy & Belgium

Viaplay: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

RMC Sport: France

K+: Vietnam

C+: Myanmar

D Sports: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

CYTA: Cyprus

Gol TV: Spain

SSports: Turkey

StarTimes: Sub Saharan Africa

Max Sport: Bulgaria

Mola TV: Indonesia

SportKlub: Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Macedonia

Setanta: Eurasia and Ukraine.

BFBS: British Forces Overseas

FightPass exclusive territories include UK, Eire, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and the Americas.
All Pro Preliminary cards will be broadcast live on UFC Fight Pass and free for all on
Fight Cards and Timings (BST)
CW114 – Thursday 24th September
Main Card

Live on UFC Fight Pass

Samir Faiddine (c) vs Luke Shanks – Flyweight Title Fight

Jake Hadley vs Shaj Haque – Flyweight

Madars Fleminas vs Mateusz Figlak – Welterweight

Aaron Khalid vs Mick Stanton – Welterweight

Adam Amarasinghe vs Coner Hignett – Flyweight
Pro Prelims

Live on UFC Fight Pass and

Oban Elliott vs Michal Figlak – Lightweight

John Mitchell vs Alan Brykalski – Lightweight

George Smith vs Matt Bonner – Middleweight

Jack Maguire vs Ciaran Mulholland – Bantamweight
CW115 – Friday 25th September

Main Card

Live on UFC Fight Pass


Jack Cartwright (c) vs Gerardo Fanny – Bantamweight Title Fight

Nathias Frederick (c) vs Jamie Richardson – Middleweight Title Fight

James Webb vs Craig White – Middleweight

Jack Grant vs Yassine Belhadj – Lightweight

Adam Wilson vs Weslley Maia – Bantamweight
Pro Prelims

Live on UFC Fight Pass and

Adam Ventre vs Decky McAleenan – Lightweight

Ian Garry vs George McManus – Welterweight

Ben Ellis vs Kingsley Crawford – Featherweight

Nathan Fletcher vs Leigh Mitchell – Bantamweight
CW116 – Saturday 26th September
Main Card

Live on UFC Fight Pass

Mason Jones vs Adam Proctor – Vacant Welterweight Title Fight

Morgan Charrieré vs Max Coga – Vacant Featherweight Title Fight

Kieran Lister vs Tom Mearns – Lightweight

Paul Hughes vs Aidan Stephen – Featherweight

Sam Creasey vs Nicolas Leblond – Flyweight
Pro Prelims

Live on UFC Fight Pass and

Steve Aimable vs Jordan Vucenic – Featherweight

Kyle McLurkin vs Christian Duncan – Middleweight

Joshua Onwordi vs Jack Collins – Lightweight

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