Cage Warriors THE TRILOGY | Safe MMA Confirms Competitor Pre-clearance

Cage Warriors THE TRILOGY | Safe MMA Confirms Competitor Pre-clearance

Cage Warriors returns to action tonight with its first of three shows in three days, at the BEC Arena in Manchester, live-streamed on UFC Fight Pass: CW114, CW115 and CW116.

Medical charity Safe MMA confirms that it has independently verified and accepted the medical documentation for all 53 professional athletes competing on the Trilogy fight cards – subject to negative COVID testing – as detailed below:

  • annual medical examination & advanced eye examination forms
  • six monthly HIV, Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C blood test results
  • one off brain MRA scan & three-yearly brain MRI scan reports

In addition to leading in the field with these rigorous pre-competition, medical safety standards, Cage Warriors has independently undertaken to ensure that all athletes, coaches, teammates, staff and crew are being tested for COVID-19, before entering quarantine. Only upon receipt of a negative test result will Cage Warriors allow an individual to enter a COVID secure bubble, which will remain in place until the Trilogy Series ends.

Cage Warriors President Graham Boylan said:

“The team has moved mountains to make the Trilogy Series a reality. We have tested and quarantined 187 people in 48 hours and now have a COVID free bubble in place. The team and I  would personally like to thank Yoni [SAFE MMA CEO] and the SAFE MMA team for their long days and late nights in getting all athletes cleared to compete.”

Safe MMA Trustee Marc Goddard said:

“A big shout out to Cage Warriors as an MMA promotion that is leading the way and going above and beyond. They have always been at the forefront of supporting medical safety standards for MMA in the UK through their support of Safe MMA, in the absence of regulatory authorities, and are continuing to do so in the current COVID climate”

Safe MMA CEO Yoni Gottlieb said:

“Having worked in partnership with Cage Warriors now for eight years, I was not at all surprised to learn of their intention to do whatever it took to deliver a COVID secure space for their team and athletes to work and compete safely in. That is not to take anything away from the enormity of what Graham, Ian and the team have achieved here, and the massive investment on all fronts this has taken. It just goes that much further to once again prove the passion and commitment Cage Warriors have in driving the sport of MMA to the highest possible professional standards here in the UK and beyond.”

The competitors verified pre-COVID testing by Safe MMA for “Cage Warriors: The Trilogy” are listed below.

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Aaron Khalid
Adam Amarasinghe
Alan Brykalski
Ciaran Mulholland
Coner Hignett
George Smith
Jack Maguire
Jake Hadley
John Mitchell
Luke Shanks
Madars Fleminas
Matthew Bonner
Michal Figlak
Mick Stanton
Oban Elliott
Samir Faiddine
Shajidul Haque
Mateusz Figlak


Adam Ventre
Adam Wilson
Ben Ellis
Craig White
Declan McAleenan
George McManus
Gerardo Fanny
Ian Garry
Jack Cartwright
Jack Grant
James Webb
Jamie Richardson
Kingsley Crawford
Leigh Mitchell
Nathan Fletcher
Nathias Frederick
Weslley Maia
Yassine Belhadj


Adam Proctor
Aidan Stephen
Christian Leroy Duncan
Jack Collins
Jordan Vucenic
Joshua Onwordi
Kieran Lister
Kyle McClurkin
Leon Hill
Mason Jones
Max Coga
Morgan Charrière
Nicolas Leblond
Paul Hughes
Sam Creasey
Steve Aimable
Tom Mearns

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