Illness misdiagnosis almost led BRAVE CF’s Mzwandile Hlongwa to abandon career

Mzwandile Hlongwa is one of the strongest fighters in BRAVE CF’s roster, both mentally and physically. Having grown up in tough surroundings he has accumulated sufficient grit to face any adversity. But, even he broke down as his entire career seemingly came crashing down when he was diagnosed with a potentially career-ending disease.

This diagnosis, which later turned out to be inaccurate, was a big blow to Mzwandile who believed his career was over due to the test results. “I was shocked and heartbroken to get the results. The result meant that my fighting career was over, I was distraught to hear this news”

“I felt like if I cannot fight, I’d rather die. Fighting is everything for me” he said.

Following his test result, Mzwandile did not fight for a year. It was the worst period of his life, he said. “I could not fight in the entire year of 2017. It was devastating for me.”

However, the misdiagnosis, which has been confirmed fully by several doctors and testing centres, has lit a fire under him as he returned to fighting with a band, eventually landing a spot on BRAVE CF’s roster.

“For me, fighting is the only activity that I am able to fully enjoy. When I am fighting, I am happy. It gives me meaning and happiness. Nothing else brings me joy like fighting does” he said.

‘’Snakebone’’ is now one of the top fighters in BRAVE CF’s Middleweight division, and is coming off a career-defining win against his idol Jeremy Smith in a bout that won the award of BRAVE CF Fight of The Year in 2019.

Now, Mzwandile is preparing for another huge test in his young career as he will face Dominic Schober in BRAVE CF 44 that’s coming up on November 5. The fight, he says, could be the fight of the night. “This is going to be an exciting fight because both of us have a great fighting style. It’s going to be an entertaining fight, one that fans will love”

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