UMMA Welcome New Member Evolution Of Combat To The Scottish MMA Governing Body

UMMA Welcome New Member Evolution Of Combat To The Scottish MMA Governing Body

United Mixed Martial Arts (UMMA) welcome MMA promotion Evolution of combat (EOC) to the newly formed Scottish governing body for MMA in Scotland.

UMMA are focused on developing MMA in Scotland and getting MMA recognised by sport Scotland and driving the development of common sets of rules, safety regulations, structure, progression pathways and mutual exchange.

UMMA are focused on gaining Scottish recognition for the sport of MMA. Official recognition is needed on every level – regionally and nationally to enable safeguarding, minimise risk and to increase opportunities and benefits for the sport’s participants.

EOC first Scottish show will be June 19th at Kilmarnock in Scotland and will be the first show under the guidance of UMMA.

MMA UK caught up with UMMA and they had this to say about this announcement

The sanctioning of EOC will help lay the foundations for more consistent standards across Scottish MMA. Fair play and best safety practice will be at the forefront of every decision we make. We have seen how EOC operate and it’s a real privilege to be working alongside an outfit that already meets most of the criteria set out by UMMA. This a very exciting development for the sport of MMA in Scotland and its a step forward to getting official recognition as a Sport from the Scottish government.

We also caught up with EOC owner Dan Hope who said

We are looking forward to the UK MMA scene getting back to some normality in 2021. All the team are eager to produce our own shows and watch and support others too. Not just MMA but across all the disciplines. The first Scottish show of 2021 will consist of a larger summer show in June which will be a full-day event, having a heavy grappling element in the day, more disciplines, more pro fights than usual and some surprises! That will be revealed nearer the time. The team are super excited about this one. Second Scottish show will be back at the Central Halls in Glasgow City Centre with its great atmosphere and brilliant location. We are excited to be working alongside UMMA a Scottish governing body for our Scottish shows in 2021.  Their charity is a great organisation that is looking to support MMA in Scotland at all levels. UMMA is looking to achieve government recognition, support athletes, support promotions and much more. We can’t wait to be sanctioned and work with them to their requirements, improving our own events.


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