Belal Muhammad rips Leon Edwards for suggesting title shot next

Belal Muhammad rips Leon Edwards for suggesting title shot next

Belal Muhammad cannot believe Leon Edwards has the ‘audacity’ to demand title shot next.

Britain’s Edwards returned at UFC Las Vegas 21 on Saturday but the contest came to an end early in round two when Edwards unintentionally poked Muhammad’s eye.

After two years out for Edwards, the fight with Muhammad represented a chance to gain some momentum and some much-needed time in the octagon. With Muhammad taking the fight on just three weeks notice, the #3 rank in the welterweight division was on the line, making the result all the more devastating for both men.

Despite the fight ending with a ‘no decision’ result, ‘Rocky’ doesn’t see the need for an immediate rematch. ”No, I don’t feel a need to fight him again,” Edwards said at the post-fight press conference. ”The writing was on the wall and I was winning the fight clearly. I don’t feel I need to fight him again. I need to move forward.”

After seeing Leon’s comments on a potential rematch, Muhammad let his thoughts known.

”Never saw someone act so tough after poking someone in the eye. The fight was just getting going and if you’re satisfied to end on that note, your soft you ain’t getting a title shot off that. I took the fight on three days notice and came to fight, UFC run it back.”

Muhammad was on a four-fight win-streak himself, climbing to #13 in the rankings. Edwards is currently sitting at #3 in the rankings and was promised a title fight if he beat Muhammad convincingly.

With the nature of the result, it looks like Dana White has a lot to think about in the welterweight division.











































































































































































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