BRAVE CF 48: Arabian Night weigh-in results feature shoves, trash talk and intense staredowns

The stage is set for the biggest event in the history of the well-entrenched Arab mixed martial arts scene tomorrow night, as the athletes stepped on the scales to confirm their bouts during the official weigh-in held at the Nordic Palace & Spa on Wednesday, March 17th, ahead of fight night, which takes place this Thursday – March 18th.

BRAVE CF 48: Arabian Night is headlined by a three-round lightweight clash between Ylies Djiroun and Abdul-Rakhman Makhazhiev. Both men were called to meet at centre stage for the traditional pre-fight staredown after stepping on the scales. The staredown between Djiroun and Makhazhiev was friendly but fans can expect fireworks when the duo finally meet in the main event of the evening tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, the co-main event encounter received its clearance after Ahmad Labban and Nemanja Kovac checked in with virtually identical weights for their much-awaited super lightweight collision.

Hassan Talal, from Iraq, and Lebanon’s Yousif Ghrairi were the protagonists of an intense staredown, as the duo exchanged heavy words ahead of fight night. Maysara Mohamed, from Egypt, shoved Iraq’s Issa Salem, and the duo almost came to blows.

Featuring the best and the brightest mixed martial arts talents from the Middle East and across the globe, BRAVE CF 48: Arabian Night will be broadcasted live from the historical Arad Fort in Bahrain.

BRAVE CF 48: Arabian Night Weigh-in Results

Lightweight Bout: Ylies Djiroun (70.6kgs) vs. Abdul-Rakhman Makhazhiev (70.6kgs)

Super Lightweight Bout: Ahmad Labban (75.1kgs) vs. Nemanja Kovac (74.9kgs)

Catchweight Bout (77kgs): Georges Eid (76.6kgs) vs. Olli Santalahti (76.3kgs)

Bantamweight Bout: Nkosi Ndebele (61.6kgs) vs. Abdelmoumen Mssaate (61.5kgs)

Catchweight Bout (88kgs): Murtaza Talha (87.9kgs) vs. Cameron Meintjies (87.9kgs)

Catchweight Bout (58.5kg): Michael Aljarouj (58.2kgs) vs. Azat Maksum (58.1kgs)

Featherweight Bout: Yousif Ghrairi (65.7kgs) vs. Hassan Talal (66.2kgs)

Super Lightweight Bout: Omar El Dafrawy (75.1kgs) vs. Abbas Khan (75.2kgs)

Catchweight (88 kg): Hassan Fakhreddine (87.1kgs) vs. Eslam Mostafa Abdel Menem (87.3kgs)

Middleweight Bout: Eslam Syaha (84kgs) vs. Mohamad Ghorabi (84.3gs)

Catchweight Bout (68kgs): Hussein Salem (67.6kgs) vs. Dimitry Solimeis (72kgs)*

Catchweight Bout (59kgs): Issa Salem (58.9kgs) vs. Maysara Mohamed (58.6kgs)

Lightweight Bout: Mohsen Mohammadseifi (70.8kgs) vs. Bichi Zakaria (70.8kgs)

*Missed weight, fight update to follow on BRAVE CF’s social media profiles

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