Inside the Promotion – UAE Warriors

A recent visit from Dana White, Matt Serra and Din Thomas, to film an episode of UFC‘s ‘Lookin for a Fight’ at UAE warriors 15, has seen the UAE Warriors MMA promotion become one of the most talked about regional promotions on the planet.
With the boundless and generous support from the UAE’s leadership, and Highnesses and dignitaries regularly attending their shows, including Khabib Nurmagomedov and more recently Dana White, it is no surprise that UAE Warriors is quickly becoming a household name, growing and having a real impact in the MMA community.
The UAE Warriors vision is clear. Build the promotion as a launch pad for local Arab, and international talent, to get to the global stage. The evidence is already there with several UAE Warriors fighters going on to make their UFC debuts in recent months.
Fighters Voice takes you deep inside the UAE Warriors organisation, speaking to Fouad Darwish (General Manager of Palm Sports & UAE Warriors), Ryan Worth (Match Maker), and Igor Luis Cunha (Head of Production).
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