Nathias Frederick to defend middleweight title against Matthew Bonner at CW 123

Nathias Frederick to defend middleweight title against Matthew Bonner at CW 123

Middleweight champion Nathias Frederick will defend his title against top contender Mathew Bonner in the main event of CW 123.

Going ahead on 24th June, CW 123 is the first night of Cage Warriors upcoming trilogy which will be held at London’s iconic York Hall.

Speaking on the title fight announcement, Graham Boylan said: “This is a fight fans are going to love.

“In one corner you have Frederick who is an absolute monster in the cage and has a very aggressive style.

“In the opposite corner you have Bonner who’s a bit more technical, but showed in his last fight that he can finish the bout given the chance.”

Frederick won the middleweight title back in 2019 in a rematch with James Webb, winning by KO, and defended the belt for the first time last year by knocking out Jamie Richardson.

Bonner comes into the fight on the back of a three-fight winning streak, beating prospect Goerge Smith and his coach Matt Inman before beating former champion Webb at CW 121 with a TKO.

When asked for his thoughts on fighting for the title and his opponent, Bonner responded: “I’m extremely excited to be fighting for the Cage Warriors middleweight title.

“It’s been my goal since joining Cage Warriors to be crowned champion of the division. Cage Warriors is a huge platform and becoming the champion will put me on the radar as one of the top European middleweights.

“Nathias is powerful and has dangerous, heavy hands, recovers well between rounds and is strong and explosive in grappling exchanges but he is emotional in his fights and can lose control. His brawling style is dangerous but predictable.

“Frederick wins fights by pushing forward aggressively and intimidating his opponents, but that won’t work on me. I beat James Webb in two rounds while Frederick needed nine rounds over two fights.”

Cage Warriors fans will be able to watch the fight via UFC Fight Pass and Cage Warriors‘ global broadcast partners.

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