Nevada State Athletic Commission removes marijuana from banned substance list

Nevada State Athletic Commission removes marijuana from banned substance list

It has been announced that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has removed Marijuana from its banned performance-enhancing list and will no longer suspend or fine athletes for testing positive, they do retain the ability to remove a fighter from competing if they are deemed impaired by any substance, however.

This ruling is long overdue especially considering the number of fighters who have had their careers put on pause and in some cases even destroyed, with the biggest example being that of welterweight legend Nick Diaz who tested positive for Marijuana back in 2015 after a no-contest against Anderson Silva. Nick was used as a sacrificial lamb of sorts as the NSAC pushed for a lifetime ban of the Stockton native.

While a ruling like this will always have mixed emotions and opinions, one cannot deny that the severity of the suspensions for the substance has become more of a witch hunt and a personal vendetta rather than for performance or fighter safety. Several fighters that have tested positive in the past have been given suspensions at the same level as fighters who used steroids or actual performance-enhancing substances.

While the rule officially begins on July 7th, no official word has been given as to what that the new ruling means for fighters that are currently suspended or unable to fight until they pay their hefty fines. But at least this fighter won’t have to worry about their careers being in jeopardy for this type of violation anymore, even Jeff Novitzky voiced his support for the ruling.

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