Madars ‘Latvian Express’ Fleminas speaks about his injury set backs, fight aspirations and his hunger to get back into the cage.

Madars ‘Latvian Express’ Fleminas 8-3-0 is a Latvian professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Welterweight Division, representing Hard Work MMA, Lockdown MMA Lincoln, 4th Dimension MMA Nottingham, England. A professional competitor since 2017, he has competed for Caged Steel FC, Almighty Fighting Championship, Fightstar Championship and CageWarriors.


I’d like to start this off by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me today, how’s training going?


“Hi, no problem at all, always a pleasure to answer some questions. Training just started to pick up, getting harder and harder, all summer felt like a nightmare, just fitness without punching, without grappling and wrestling, but we got back where we left off.”


Fight fans have had a huge amount of action from you over the past four years of your illustrious career. You’ve crossed paths with many greats CageWarriors have to offer. Which one of these wars sticks out the most for you the most?


“I enjoyed ll the fights on CageWarriors, but one thing I really need to have to perform to my best is our fans back in the seats. The best fight so far was back and forth with George Hardwick at CW109, all the fights without crowds made me feel like something was missing, I need that drive forward from fans and supporters.”


Unfortunately for the MMA community, we’ve not seen you in action since March this year. Your last confirmed bout was set to take place in June, at CW124 vs Aleksi Mäntykivi 13-6-0, but couldn’t go ahead due to your unexpected injury. From what I hear, the hunger to get back in the cage is fierce within you. Who, if anyone, would you like to grace the iconic York Hall within the not so distant future?


“Yeah, I was looking forward to the Aleksi fight, I was on fire, hard to touch. It didn’t matter who I was fighting, he would 100% be getting hurt, but unfortunately, I broke my thumb, and needed to pull out from the fight 2 weeks before the event. It was so depressing, because without training and fighting nothing else interested me, so I just needed to wait, keep my body healthy, try to help heal my thumb as fast as I could and now, I’m back punching and wrestling. The CageWarriors Welterweight Division is awesome, there are some great fights to make, I saw Richardson come down to the Welterweight Division, that’d be a great fight. Rhys Mckee, I’d love to fight him too. Can’t wait for the September Trilogy, then we will know more about who and when I will fight but a rematch with Figlack one day is in my mind. He got me at the right time, short notice, problems in the gym, no proper Corner Man for the fight, everything just added up and I couldn’t perform that night.”


Madars bout with Aleksi was not the only casualty to CW124 back in June. Jordan Vucenic 8-1-0 vs Morgan Charriere 16-8-1 was cancelled, due to the unfortunate injury of Vunenic and Jordan Barton 6-1-1 vs Ben Ellis 3-1-0 was also cancelled due to Ellis’s withdrawal from the bout.


Coming off an injury is a journey many people in your profession have to take in the unforgiving world of MMA, what have you been up to since we last saw you in the cage?


“It was an eye-opener, the injury let me be at home more, spend more time with my beautiful kids, I opened a small place for myself where I train and now we are moving to a bigger place already, Hard Work MMA, so people who want to do Martial Arts are welcome to come and learn. I have a very different style of fighting, hard to hit, I’m always in your face, but never there to be hit. I can’t wait to step back in the cage and show people what we were working on all this time. I think I’m a more well-rounded fighter now and ready to prove I’m one of the best in Europe.”


I’m looking forward to your enviable return to the cage. Your presence has always been something for fight fans to set their calendars for and I think I speak for the entire MMA Community when I say this.


Last but not least do you have a message for your many fans and anybody you’d like to give thanks to while being on your journey back to the fight?


“Mostly I want to thank my family who kept supporting me all this time, of course, my sponsors who didn’t turn back because of my injury, we are back and even more dangerous than before.”

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A returning warrior is always amazing to see, especially one with such a force of presence that Madars brings to the Welterweight Division. Keep an eye out for this return in the not so distant future, it has brutally written all over it.

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