Interview with Andy Manzolo ahead of his upcoming middleweight championship bout at Supreme Cage Fighting Championship 15

Interview with Andy Manzolo ahead of his upcoming middleweight championship bout at Supreme Cage Fighting Championship 15

Andy ‘The Predator’ Manzolo 23-9-0 is an Estonian professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Middleweight Division, representing Team Predator. A professional competitor since 2009. He has competed for WFCA, UCMMA, Glory Kickboxing, Cage Warriors, Phoenix MMA UK, Combat Performance League, Xplosion Fight Series, FREON Promotions, FFC, Yakuza Fight, Duel Fight Series, Fusion FC, Bellator, The League, SCFC, UFL and Supreme Cage Fighting Championship.


I had the opportunity to speak to Andy in regards to his upcoming return to the Supreme Cage Fighting Championship where he takes on Warren Kee for the SCFC Middleweight championship.


I appreciate you taking the time to speak to me today Andy, how has training been going in the build-up to your scheduled Middleweight championship bout at Supreme Championship Cage Fighting 15?


“Hi, Training is going well, working on all aspects of the game and feeling pretty good. It must be fireworks in the cage.”


Where do I begin, you’ve had such an amazing career, thirty-two professional fights and about to make your thirty-fourth walk to the cage. The warrior’s path does burn within your very foundations.


“Simply, I love this game. It’s my lifestyle and I will continue to fight as long as I breathe. I get great support from my fiancé and she loves to see me as an active fighter. But sometimes she tells me maybe enough is enough and concentrate more on my trainer career. ‘You have done enough and deserved rest.’ I have a great team of Predators around me and I love to share my skills with them and see their progression to becoming good fighters and gentlemen.”


Your wars have always been one of my favourites to watch. The one that stands out most for me has to be back in 2011, taking on Aleksejs Povulans for the middleweight championship in the main event at FREON Gigant Fights 6. Your main event inclusion was set for three five minute rounds, but you were victorious within just 33 seconds of round one, submitting Povulans in thirty-three seconds flat via armbar submission. Out of your many wars in the cage, which one Satan’s out the most for you?


“I still remember this fight very well, it was one of the fastest wins in my career. The guy was a tough striker and I was prepared for a stand-up war. But to be honest, I didn’t expect the fight to finish so fast, but he made a mistake and paid for it well. I need to look back to say who gave me the hardest night in my life lol, but I am sure it wasn’t an easy payday against  Bola Omoyole and Pavel Doroftei!!! They were absolute wars.”


On the 6th of November, the stage is set yet again for you to take the walk towards another middleweight championship bout. At Supreme Championship Cage Fighting 15 you take on Warren Kee, no stranger to middleweight masterclasses for Cage Warriors. In what’s being dubbed as Bellator vs Cage Warriors, what do you make of your opponent for this middleweight showdown at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth?


“I give him only respect! This guy is a warrior, he has been in the fight business for a long time and he loves to finish fights early. He has good MuayThai skills and strong groundwork. I am happy to share a cage with such an experienced fighter because it’s gonna be a great fight for sure! What I can say, don’t blink, the fight can be over in any second and I am ready to take over!”


You are not the only Predator Fighting November 6th, including yourself Irakli Kancheli, Grzegorz Korcz and Aidas Aidas will be representing Team Predator at what will be a packed out night in Bournemouth. How does it feel to fight alongside your peers on the same show?


It’s amazing. I am sure my guys are ready to make noise and show real fights. They have been trained hard for it and they can’t wait to be in the cage. After the show, people will remember their faces! For all of them, it’s a big thing to fight on a big stage alongside me. And I am proud of all of them already, no matter the result, they’ve done a great job already. All of them have said to me they will finish their fights early.”


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to shout out to?


I love you, all my fans and thank you for your great support (buying tickets for the show and spending your time) and for the messages that I am getting. 


“The Predator is coming and he is hungry. To the middleweight division, be careful I am back.”


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