Interview with Welldon Silva De Oliveira ahead of his scheduled bout at Brazilian Fighting Series 4

Interview with Welldon Silva De Oliveira ahead of his scheduled bout at Brazilian Fighting Series 4

Welldon “Mutante” Silva De Oliveira 30-15-1 is a Brazilian professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Welterweight Division. A professional competitor since 2014. He has competed for Sport Nocaut MMA, World FC, Invictus Show Fight, Sombra Fight Champions, L. An Esportes MMA, MMA Dragon Fighters, L.A Combate MMA, Campanema Fight Combat, Pitbull Fight Championship, Gladiadores Anapu Combat, Abacaxi Fight, Taboca Fight, Coari Champions, Places Fight Combate, Rubão FC, Balada Fight Boxe Show, Gladiadores Anapu Combat, Future Fighting Championship And Brazilian Fighting Series.


I’d like to start this off by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me today Welldon, how has training been going in the build-up to your highly anticipated Return to the cage?


On the 12th at Brazilian Fighting Series 4, you are set to take on Antonio Silva, an undefeated opponent who hasn’t been defeated in his 7 outings as a professional. In the build-up, have you had the opportunity to do some research on your Antonio?


“My training is great, I’m great in physical parts, I’m great mentally and physically. About my opponent, I don’t want to know anything about him. I didn’t research him, I just trained hard to give a great fight and great fights. I always fight well. Studying my opponents I don’t enjoy it. I just like to get into the cage and do what I train to do.”


At only 27 years of age, your fight record is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. Racking up 46 professional bouts is an incredible feat. Living in Brazil, a place that has produced some, if not the fiercest warriors the Mixed Martial Arts world has ever seen usually leads to many young people entering the sport. What first got you interested in the fight game?


“What piqued my interest in fights, simply because I got beaten up a lot by guys. Then I decided to train not to be beaten anymore, time passed and I decided that I wanted to become an MMA fighter for everyone to see that the boy who was beaten in the street became a great MMA fighter. I’m very anxious to be able to show my performance, I want to show that I’m coming, I want to show that I’m the best fighter in Brazil.


As previously stated, there have been many professionals hailing from your homeland. Are there any in particular Who inspired you as a young athlete?


“I travelled from the interior of Pará to the great Sao Paulo inspired by the master Marcos Babuino. In search of higher flights, I travelled from the interior of Pará to the great capital of Curitiba-Parana inspired by professor Nadim Andraus. I spent 2 years on these two great teams where I learned a lot from these great masters, they are my biggest inspiration.”


So many battles must have produced so many action-packed memories, which of these wars sticks out the most for you?


“This event that I’m going to fight on the 12th is a very big door to my future. This event on the 12th is the biggest fight I will have and it stands out the most for me. I’m looking forward to showing my talent to the world, I’m just going to fight happily, I’m going to show my work to the world. I’ll be able to show all this on the 12th, where I’ll have the opportunity to show who I am in the fighting world.”


Other than your inclusion on the night in South Paulo, what bout are you looking forward to witnessing come December 12th?


“The main event Between Maike Linhares and Michel Lima is one of the fights that I’m looking forward to because it’s a fight that will crown the category champion. I’m looking forward to seeing the main event.”


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to shout out to?


“the message I send to the fans, and that I will fight happily because the fans trust my work. Because the fans like and support who I am, my word to the fans is just one word and GRATITUDE.”


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