Interview with Cage Warriors Tom Mearns

Interview with Cage Warriors Tom Mearns

Tom Mearns 8-7-0 is an English professional Mixed Martial Artist, currently competing in the Featherweight division. A professional competitor since 2015, representing BST Northampton. He has competed for Ultimate Warrior Challenge UK, Contenders, Almighty Fighting Championship, Bellator MMA and Cage Warriors.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to speak to me today Tom, I hope training has been going well?


“Thank you Aaron, training is going well. I’m focused on learning and improving as a martial artist. And studying the arts.”


It was such an explosive 2021 for yourself, not only Becoming the king of the Lightweight Division of CWSE26 but also your return to the iconic York Hall on the first bullet fired from CW131 Double Trouble winning via split decision against CW veteran Jean N’doye. Between these two phenomenal performances, what one stood out the most for you?


“Both fights were Important to me, the fight with Onwordi was great to get back in the green. The fight with N’doye was great for me to get back to Featherweight. I sustained an injury in the 1st round to my right ankle which presented a huge problem as I couldn’t even shoot for a takedown. From that point, I even considered not heading out for the 2nd round. Which was why the fight remained standing on my part, despite the major grappling advantage. For that reason, the fight does stand out because of the major adversity I had to overcome. Weirdly, I enjoyed the challenge despite how severely it impaired my performance. The injury is improving. I am still working with a professional now to repair the damage which was definitely there before the fight. This is the start of my run for the Featherweight World title.”


These wins just show the sheer determination to succeed you possess, after coming off a 4 fight losing streak with the London based organisation. What was going through your mind when approaching your title opportunity with Joshua Onwordi back in October in regards to this?


“On approaching the fight with Onwordi I felt great mentally, although I had a staph infection on my leg at the last part of camp. You may be able to notice a marking on the quadriceps on my left leg in the photos. I was just well enough in time to fight after finishing a course of antibiotics. Of course, I felt tremendous pressure also, but I came to grips with the reality of fighting and was carried through to victory by burning desire to succeed.”


“In the photo, you can see two markings on my left leg.”


“This was it nearly healed during fight week with Onwordi.”


With the recent acquisitions to the CW roster, 2022 could prove to be yet another platform to showcase your intentions in the proverbial warzone. Amongst the new recruits is there anybody, in particular, you’d like to be matched up against in the not so distant future?


“I have a match up pending for the near future, which excites me and I know will be a great opportunity for me to put myself in line for the World title.”


2022’s first instalment of the UK CW cards is fast approaching. First up, on March 12 the warrior’s will reassemble at a sold-out Charter Hall for CWSE27. Shortly followed by the explosive card that is CW134 at the Indigo at the 02. Out of the many bouts, these two shows will include, are there any matchups in particular that you’re looking forward to witnessing?


“I am looking forward to the Main Event of CW134 at the 02. I believe a UFC contract is pending for the winner and would like to see Jordan go to the UFC as I rise towards the world title. And of course, I wish to see former opponent Onwordi take gold, which I can no longer hold due to my world title pursuit.”


I look forward to your return to the cage. Tom, it has been a pleasure speaking with you. Last but not least do you have a message for many fans and anybody you’d like to shout out to?


“I must give a huge shout to Danny Batten for being the largest influence on my fighting in general and the way I see strategy as challenging me to grow as a person. Daniel Frost for supporting me no matter how bleak the situation may seem. For helping reignite the spark for MMA who is a part of my team. Karl Bergmann for letting me coach at his facility, working with me and training me, a friendship I’m truly grateful for. Lee Edwards for his wisdom, priceless conversation and helping develop my Boxing skills. Lukasz Lepianka for coaching me in MMA helping develop my game he has helped me greatly and improved fast. Greg Lunn, Raymond Paul and the Team at BST. I am forever grateful for my friends, family. And of course, thank you to my sponsors.”


“A Lot of thank-yous I had to give out there but that’s what makes the journey meaningful. That’s really what matters to me, the journey and who I come up with. I do appreciate your interview, you taking interest in fighters like me because not many other people would. They wanna focus on who’s in the limelight etc, which is completely fine. Looking forward to becoming world champion, thank you for this interview.”

Image by Brett King


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