Speculations of Mousasi challenging Adesanya

Current Bellator middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi is scheduled to face off against Austin Vanderford later tonight at Bellator 275 in Dublin Ireland.

The man known as “The Dreamcatcher” started his career in 2003, we have seen him fight in organizations like Pride, Dream, Strikeforce, UFC and now Bellator. During his time and evolution as a fighter, Gegard has become one of the best strikers on the planet, this is evident by his 48 wins and 27 which have come by KO. Never one to back away from a challenge, we have seen Mousasi take on the upper echelon of fighters and consistently come out victorious (11-1 in his last 12 fights).

Now when Gegard left the UFC he’s was one of the few fighters that left on a winning streak (5) and a winning record (9-3) while beating the likes of Dan Henderson, Chris Weidman, and Vitor. Even after he left some doubted that he could maintain dominance or relativity without the UFC. But since departing he has also gone on a winning streak and holds a 6-1 record with Bellator beating fighters like Rory McDonald, Douglas Lima and Lyoto Machida.

Since his departure from the UFC, we have seen fighters like Michael Bisping, Robert Whittaker and now Israel Adesanya hold the crown. But seeing as Izzy has now seemingly lapped his division and is looking like a man without options, this dream matchup has people clamoring for a potential crossover match. While it is beyond unlikely and seemingly impossible considering Gegard has stated he will retire with Bellator, one cannot deny that a fight against Adesanya would be one of the best fights in Middleweight history.

Gegard was recently quoted in that he believes he can 100% hang with the likes of Izzy and Whittaker. While Gegard says that this is just hypothetical and doesn’t believe it will happen, crazier things have occurred in MMA and business.

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