Retired legends and their last fight

Tito Ortiz (21-12-1) 1st round RNC victory VS Alberto Del Rio: The Huntington Beach bad boy last fought in 2019 when he made quick work of former the WWE champion. He ended his MMA career with 3 straight victories beating names like Chael Sonnen, Chuck Lidell, and Del Rio. Tito also tried his hand in boxing and was KO’d by Anderson Silva in the 1st round.

Chuck Lidell (21-9) 1st round KO loss VS Tito Ortiz: The legendary career and record of the Iceman, unfortunately, took a hit when he refused to hang up his gloves. A man that was known for highlight-reel knockouts and grit, unfortunately, Chuck ended his illustrious career on a 4 fight losing streak all by KO, but his final loss had to hurt the most. 

Wanderlei Silva (35-14-1) 2nd round TKO loss VS Rampage: The Axe Murderer embodied the spirit of violence and what it means to be a fighter. The once king of Pride has had a rollercoaster of a career in his later stages, but the action never stopped. His last 5 fights saw Wanderlei go 2-3 while seeing his rivalry vs rampage go to 2-2. 

Ronda Rousey (12-2) 1st round TKO loss VS Amanda Nunes: Regardless of your personal opinion of Ronda, one can not deny the impact that she had on women’s MMA. The former Olympic Judoka took the world by storm in ways only Conor Mcgregor has. The former UFC champ made the switch to WWE and became a star there as well. Ronda finished her MMA career on a 2 fight losing streak. 

Randy Couture (19-11) 2nd round KO loss VS Lyoto Machida: The natural Randy Couture, was never supposed to acheive everything that he did. While some look at his record as somewhat questionable, its his will and determination that saw him conquer names like Lidell, Ortiz, Belfort, Sylvia, Gonzaga and others. In his last 5 Randy went 3-2 but went out a legend. 

Frank Shamrock (23-10) 2nd round TKO Loss VS Nick Diaz: A true pioneer of MMA Frank stepped out of the shadow of his older brother Ken and forged a career as one of the most dominant and successful champions in and out of the ring. A career that spanned from 1994-to 2009 Frank was part of the evolution of fighters and single-handedly aided in the evolution of fighters also becoming athletes.  

Cain Velasquez (14-3) 1st round KO loss VS Francis Nganou: Had injuries not plagued and robbed Cain of his prime years and ability the title picture would look much different today. Cain in his prime was what Francis is today PURE DOMINANCE. His final fight saw him return against Francis after a 3 year layoff and while the fight was ruled a KO, it was his knee injury that actually took him out. 

BJ Penn (16-14-2) UD Loss VS Clay Guida: Much like Chuck, BJ should have called it quits years before going on a 7 fight losing streak, I believe BJ should’ve stopped after Nick Diaz, but BJ was at one point the most naturally gifted fighter on EARTH! He had hands like a boxer and could strangle you like a Boa constrictor. In some ways, he was the original Jon Jones of “what could have been”. 

Minotauro Nogueira (34-10-1) UD loss VS Stefan Struve: Pride, UFC and MMA legend Minotauro had one of the most storied and successful careers that any fighter could ask for. The BJJ black belt ended his career with 21 submission wins, but on an unfortunate 3 fight losing streak.  

GSP (26-2) 3rd round RNC Victory VS Bisping: “Rush” is one of those fighters that many fans put on their Mount Rushmore of P4P greats. A Canadian fighter who began his career as an exciting prospect quickly became the most dominant welterweight of his era. He even took a 4-year layoff from competition and came back and submitted the then champ to further cement his legacy as one of the greats. 

Sakuraba (26-17-1) 1st round TKO Loss VS Shinya Aoki: The Gracie killer is the biggest pioneer in Japanese MMA. The scrappy Sakuraba took on all fighters with no hesitation, which includes weight class or style. Another fighter that at times was much too tough for his own good, Sakuraba dropped his last 5 fights, . he finished his career with 19 submissions. 


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