Golden Ticket Fight Promotion 18 Live Results

Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 18 will take place in Wolverhampton. The night of MMA will showcase 22-bouts of amateur and professional fights.

The card will also be televised on PPV here on

Full fight card and live results below


Main Event

Lightweight Championship: Thomas Paul (Team Underground) defeats Perry Goodwin (Team Fish Tank) via RD1 KO

Light Welterweight Championship: Harry Marple (Intensity MMA/Cannock BJJ) deafeats Jake Constantinou (Rough House MMA) via decision.


Pro Fights

Bantamweight: Melissa Mullins (Lions Gym Coventry) defeats Danielle Misteli (Fight Industry) via 1RD stoppage.

Featherweight: Bailey Gilbert (Sensei MMA) defeats Robbie Scott (Fight Club Kuwait) via 2RD submission.

Welterweight: Muhammad Shazlee (Renegade MMA) defeats Martyn Harris (Renmasters Academygade MMA) via RD1 submission.

Heavyweight: Steve Langford (Intensity MMA) defeats Sam Spokes (Pro Systems MMA) via RD1 KO.

140lbs Bout: Dan Kneil (Lions Den MMA) defeats Ash Walters (Fearless MMA) via RD1 KO


Amateur Title Fights

Lightweight Championship: Alex Gill (Empire MMA) defeats Wez Tully (Redditch MMA) via 2RD submission.

Featherweight Championship: Shay Ingram (Renegade MMA) defeats Thomas Owen (Rough House MMA) via decision.

Middleweight Championship: Bertie Oakes (Team Titan) defeats James Wamsley (Lions Den MMA) via decision.

Flyweight Championship: Sonny Crossman (Masters Academy) defeats Shea Hammond (Impact MMA) via decision.


Amateur Prelims

Welterweight: Mikey Tranter (Wolves MMA) defeats Kieran Williams (Aspire MMA) via 3RD stoppage.

Bantamweight: Rob Woodrow (Intensity MMA) defeats Amaar Khan (NJB) via 3RD stoppage.

Welterweight: Chris Radcliffe (Rough House MMA) defeats Sam Brown (The Fish Tank) via submission 3RD.

Bantamweight: Stephon Earle (Renegade MMA) defeats Garon Shemar (Lions Gym) via decision.

Lightweight: Kyle Wilson (The Lab) defeats Mateusz Mazurowski (Renegade MMA) via 3RD stoppage.

Bantamweight: Alycia Malta (Lions Gym) defeats Alexandra Giles (Wild Martial Arts) via decision.

Light Welterweight: Aaron Bolton (Intensity MMA) defeats Fuad Mildor (Lions Den MMA) via decision.

Welterweight: Menilek Techane (Renegade MMA) defeats Geoff Pavey (Sensei MMA) via decision.

Featherweight: Ben Goldsborough (The Fish Tank) defeats Riley Daniels (Rough House MMA) via decision.

Lightweight: Lee Crawford (Lions Gym) defeats Jay Morgan (Wild Martial Arts) via decision.

Middleweight: Sam Hill (Intensity MMA) Vs Josh Archer (Lions Den MMA) – Cancelled

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