Golden Ticket Fight Promotion 18 Live Results

Golden Ticket Fight Promotion 18 Live Results

Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 18 will take place in Wolverhampton. The night of MMA will showcase 22-bouts of amateur and professional fights.

The card will also be televised on PPV here on

Full fight card and live results below


Main Event

Lightweight Championship: Thomas Paul (Team Underground) defeats Perry Goodwin (Team Fish Tank) via RD1 KO

Light Welterweight Championship: Harry Marple (Intensity MMA/Cannock BJJ) deafeats Jake Constantinou (Rough House MMA) via decision.


Pro Fights

Bantamweight: Melissa Mullins (Lions Gym Coventry) defeats Danielle Misteli (Fight Industry) via 1RD stoppage.

Featherweight: Bailey Gilbert (Sensei MMA) defeats Robbie Scott (Fight Club Kuwait) via 2RD submission.

Welterweight: Muhammad Shazlee (Renegade MMA) defeats Martyn Harris (Renmasters Academygade MMA) via RD1 submission.

Heavyweight: Steve Langford (Intensity MMA) defeats Sam Spokes (Pro Systems MMA) via RD1 KO.

140lbs Bout: Dan Kneil (Lions Den MMA) defeats Ash Walters (Fearless MMA) via RD1 KO


Amateur Title Fights

Lightweight Championship: Alex Gill (Empire MMA) defeats Wez Tully (Redditch MMA) via 2RD submission.

Featherweight Championship: Shay Ingram (Renegade MMA) defeats Thomas Owen (Rough House MMA) via decision.

Middleweight Championship: Bertie Oakes (Team Titan) defeats James Wamsley (Lions Den MMA) via decision.

Flyweight Championship: Sonny Crossman (Masters Academy) defeats Shea Hammond (Impact MMA) via decision.


Amateur Prelims

Welterweight: Mikey Tranter (Wolves MMA) defeats Kieran Williams (Aspire MMA) via 3RD stoppage.

Bantamweight: Rob Woodrow (Intensity MMA) defeats Amaar Khan (NJB) via 3RD stoppage.

Welterweight: Chris Radcliffe (Rough House MMA) defeats Sam Brown (The Fish Tank) via submission 3RD.

Bantamweight: Stephon Earle (Renegade MMA) defeats Garon Shemar (Lions Gym) via decision.

Lightweight: Kyle Wilson (The Lab) defeats Mateusz Mazurowski (Renegade MMA) via 3RD stoppage.

Bantamweight: Alycia Malta (Lions Gym) defeats Alexandra Giles (Wild Martial Arts) via decision.

Light Welterweight: Aaron Bolton (Intensity MMA) defeats Fuad Mildor (Lions Den MMA) via decision.

Welterweight: Menilek Techane (Renegade MMA) defeats Geoff Pavey (Sensei MMA) via decision.

Featherweight: Ben Goldsborough (The Fish Tank) defeats Riley Daniels (Rough House MMA) via decision.

Lightweight: Lee Crawford (Lions Gym) defeats Jay Morgan (Wild Martial Arts) via decision.

Middleweight: Sam Hill (Intensity MMA) Vs Josh Archer (Lions Den MMA) – Cancelled

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