Interview with Shah Kamali at Contenders 32

Interview with Shah Kamali at Contenders 32

Heavyweight destruction is what all fans of Combat sports yearn to witness and Contenders delivered on there 2nd trip to London for Contender 32. Dan Wiggin vs Shah Kamali delivered one of the biggest and quickest finishes of the night. Always keep a close eye on the amateur circuit, you’ll never know what to expect.


Bursting out of his corner like a bull seeing red, Shah Kamali made his intentions clear that he looks to take the heavyweight division by storm. He left in complete disbelief with an emphatic KO victory over Wiggin just 21 seconds into the very first round.


I caught up with Shah after his phenomenal victory at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre to pick his brain on his bout and gain some insight into his future plans in the cage.


Congratulations on that explosive victory Shah, how do you feel after that breath-taking performance?


“I feel amazing! I feel like I could fight again tonight. I don’t know how fast that was, my first fight finished in 26 seconds. Hopefully, I’ve beaten that record”


You certainly did, 21 seconds it lasted.


“Man, I’m pumped. I’m buzzing!”


I’ve seen you in action before at Fightstar you went out there with the same animosity. Was that your plan from the get-go, to get out there and finish within the blink of an eye?


“I’m always coming out to bang you know, they don’t want it with me. I haven’t even shown my full potential, they’ve only seen me go for not even half a round. Every time I’ve been in there is for less than a minute.”


You’ve put it out there that you’re an absolute force to be reckoned within the heavyweight division. Are you after the title shot next? In my opinion, it would be well deserved.


“Fightstar 22, June 2nd, shout me. Raj Singh, I know you’re reading this, get me that title shot, I want it.”


I think you thoroughly deserve it mate, congratulations again. Before I let you go to celebrate with your team, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“I wanna give a shout-out to my coach Stu, everyone at Fightzone, everyone at Titan, all my training partners. My guys here with me and my striking coach.”


Image by Brett King

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