Mike Tyson punches fellow passenger on plane

Mike Tyson has left a fellow passenger bloodied and bruised after an altercation on a plane.

TMZ report that Tyson was approached by the fellow passenger for a selfie, which Tyson posed for but the passenger kept on trying to talk to Tyson  who eventually had enough.

According to TMZ a witness said Tyson seemed cool to start with and was happy to have a selfie and was patient with other passengers however one kept on trying to talk and despite Tyson asking him to chill, kept on trying to talk to Tyson who had enough.

The 55-year-old Tyson was due to fly out on a10.30 pm PT flight from San Frisco International Airport bound for Florida, he soon left the plane after the altercation before take off.

The video that TMZ obtained shows Tyson throwing a few punches, the man then appears to have a cut on his forehead. TMZ have updated their article to claim that sources close to Tyson said the passenger was intoxicated and wouldn’t stop provoking the former world champion.

The passenger has apparently received medical attention and went to the police about the incident but as yet no news if charfes are being brought against Tyson.

You can view the video here:

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