Interview with Rob Elliott at Road to Contenders 5

Interview with Rob Elliott at Road to Contenders 5

Many exceptional amateurs took centre stage at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre for Road to Contenders 5. And proved without a shadow of a doubt why the UK truly does hold some of the most exciting talents the MMA community has ever seen.


Team Kabshi‘s Rob Elliott victory over Ian Holmes is an excellent example of this, persevering through what many thought was a full-gone conclusion after nearly getting submitted, Rob fought on for a 2nd round victory and showed us what dedication can get you in the cage.


I grabbed a chat with Rob after his phenomenal victory at Crystal Palace to find out just what his victory meant to him.


Congratulations on that absolutely outstanding win rob, how do you feel after that sensational display and your 2nd round victory?


“Awesome mate, it feels so good. I’ve come a long way, It means so much to me. A year and a half ago I was in a really bad way living on the street, then I met my girlfriend Sarah and she knew the Kabshi sensei Ibush. He put me to training, helped me fight off all of my problems and even let me train for free. I stopped taking drugs and stopped drinking. I’ve been sober ever since. I now have a beautiful daughter who’s 10 months old and I’ve been training hard the whole time.”


That is an amazing thing to hear mate, you should feel extremely proud of where you are today.


Late into the first round, you were trapped into an extremely tight standing guillotine, not many would have been able to survive such a brutal lock.


“It was locked in pretty tight, I just had to show that I wasn’t going out without a fight and used all my strengths to keep the bout going.”


An outstanding show of perseverance and a phenomenal victory mate congratulations once again. Before you head off to celebrate with your family and team, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Shout-out to my Mrs Sarah, my little girl Sienna, sensei Ibush and all the Kabshi team.”

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