Interview with Sydney Omar Dacres at Road to Contenders 5

Interview with Sydney Omar Dacres at Road to Contenders 5

Like I always say, never miss the prelims, you might just miss something special. Road to Contenders 5 was no exception, one of the stand-out bouts of the undercard for me was Sydney Omar Dacres vs Elijah Ajala. With Sydney on the back of a loss, he made sure he was more than ready for anything that was thrown his way. And cemented a phenomenal TKO finish in the very 1st round.


I caught up with Sydney after his explosive victory to gain some insight into what went into the build-up to Road to Contenders 5.


I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your explosive win Sydney. How do you feel after that breathtaking performance?


“I feel great, so good man words can’t even explain it.”


Straight off the bat, Elijah burst out of his corner looking for the takedown, you showed great take-down resilience rendering his efforts unsuccessful. Was takedown defence your main focus coming into this?


“I lost my first fight due to being taken down and put into a rear-naked, I feel like he saw that fight as well as having a wrestling background. So I guessed he’d come out straight for that single leg and try to get me to the floor. We’ve been working on that, I got that disengagement off that big knee. I heard him breath out, saw red in his eyes, saw blood and went for the kill man.”


I saw you last time out. You can tell you’ve been putting in the work, also your striking arsenal stood out for me. as soon as you landed you could tell he wasn’t expecting such force behind your shots. Were you hoping for a KO?


“I always say I feel like I don’t have a point to prove, always say be your own witness man. I’ve been working really hard in the gym, I’ve got a great team behind me at Diesel and 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu there’s never a point to prove. I lost my 1st fight but that means nothing to me man.”


Very admirable mate, take it on the chin and go again. Congratulations once again.


“Thank you man.”


Before you go for a well-earned rest and celebrate with your team, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Shout-out to everybody at 10th Planet, and Shout-out to everyone at Diesel man, far too many to mention so Shout-out to everyone.”

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