Interview with Aaron Gray and Stefano Catacoli at Road to Contenders 5

Interview with Aaron Gray and Stefano Catacoli at Road to Contenders 5

The end of the night saw 2 astronomical victory’s from Aaron Gray over Pasha Rafiei and Stefano Catacoli over Ryan Dennis at Road Contenders 5. Both showing exactly why they were at the top of the bill on a night of pure unadulterated organised violence at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.


I caught up with both Warriors after the main event for an insight into their bouts and future plans in the Contender’s cage.


I’m here with Co-Main event winner Aaron Gray and Main-Event winner Stefano Catacoli after their incredible performances at the top of the Road to Contenders 5 card. How do you both feel after your main event inclusion and victories?


Stefano: “Mate I feel Great, he was a tough opponent. I feel like I made a statement from my previous loss, I wanted to prove that when I’m healthy and in good shape, I’m a problem you know what I’m saying.”


Your grappling and ground game was an amazing thing to watch I must admit. From start to finish you executed your plan brilliantly.


The same goes for you Aaron, you showed a pure unbridled resilience to what was being thrown at you and just kept answering back with your prolific striking prowess.


Aaron: “It’s like Stefano said, we’re both coming off a loss. I wanted to show in my comeback that I’ve improved my grappling skills and top positioning. I made a few mistakes, but as you said I swept him and gained the advantage. You could see in the middle of the rounds he was fighting for his life, my cardio was on display I could have gone another 5 rounds.”


It definitely showed.


After your victories out there tonight, would you consider a return to the Contender’s cage in the not-so-distant future and possibly try to put yourselves into title contention?


Stefano: I don’t see why not, maybe next time we can Main and Co-Main-Event it again for the titles that’d be good.


Aaron: “we’d shut it down haha. The promoter has already said in September if we want to jump back in there we will be on it so whoever wants to get pinged or submitted it’s on.”


Great Britain Top Team’s Stefano Catacoli and Team Crossface’s Aaron Gray delivered exactly what they said they would, and that was to leave the fans in attendance wanting more. I look forward to witnessing them out there again. and in the not-so-distant future, I’m sure they will be champions within their respective divisions.

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