Adam Wallace – “I’m going to put on a show”

Adam Wallace – “I’m going to put on a show”

Adam ‘TC’ Wallace 1-1-0 is a Scottish amateur Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Featherweight division, representing Tartan Blood. He has competed for Vision MMA Combat UK and British Fighting Championship.


I’d like to kick things off by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me today Adam, and also to congratulate you on your upcoming inclusion to the stacked British Fighting Championship 3 card.


“No problem at all mate, thank you for messaging me and asking me for the interview mate, it’s a pleasure. Ohhh don’t I know it, it’s a tasty card mate, some top talent coming through and I’m looking forward to fighting in Middlesbrough once again, this time we’re cutting no corners!”


I hope training has been going well in the build-up to your return to the cage?


“Training is going fantastic man, I’ve got everything I need for what I want to achieve in this game. I’m gonna leave people to think what they wanna think and they’re gonna find out fight night if I’m taking it seriously this time round. No excuses last time, it was obvious I hadn’t trained. I underestimated big mason Shatwell man, thought fuck it I don’t need to train for that lad easy days, I learned the hard way. But I’m back, I get another crack at the whip and I’m gonna execute my game this time round. It’s gonna be an exciting fight, make sure you don’t miss it.”



It has been a rollercoaster past 2 years for the fight game, you more than anyone has felt the harsh blow the pandemic has brought forward. How does it feel to finally be getting your Mixed Martial Arts journey in full swing?


“See to be honest mate, people have no fucking idea how easy they have it. There is so much going on in the world right now when you had them two years during the pandemic to sit back and really think, it opens your eyes. I’m not a bad guy, I fell on hard times and I dealt with it the wrong way. I’m ex-army, I was deployed to Afghan in 2012 I now have PTSD, I’m also a full-time carer for my partner and one of my sons who unfortunately was born 14 weeks premature. This meant there were never enough hours in the day for me to get back and forth to the gym and train full time with a team which led to a few disputes because I wasn’t training in the gym enough. which clearly is to no fault of my own, at that point I decided I was done with teams and I started training myself due to this. And then on top of that my own mental health, I went a bit south, I was taking fights left right and centre and pulling out as it got closer to fight day. During the pandemic, a few things happened during that time but the final straw was I actually ended up in the cells for the weekend last year for stabbing myself in the arm. I nearly lost everything, and from there I’ve never looked back. I have everyone I need at this moment in time, everyone knows I don’t train full time with a team but dont think for one minute that means I’m not training. I’m repping my own team Tartan Blood, I’m gonna build that into something for the local kids at some point. I stay in a small fishing village in the east neuk of Fife, I’m grafting daily, I’m out running and doing hill sprints every morning before we get the kids up for school, I get my strength and conditioning in, I get rolling rounds in, I’m swimming and I’m fucking sparring. On October 15th I will be in the best shape of my life and I am going to put on the performance of a lifetime. I will finish Toby Heaney one hundred percent.”


As fight fans and practitioners such as yourself well know, cancelled bouts are all part and parcel of the fight game. Previously set to take on your upcoming opponent Toby Heaney at Last Man Standing 10 back in 2020, you get what most fighters yearn for, another opportunity to square off in the cage. What do you make of Toby in the build-up to your scheduled meeting?



“I like it mate, you’ve done your homework, I appreciate that thank you. Yes, me and Toby were meant to fight during the pandemic but unfortunately, that show was cancelled. Fast forward two years we’re gonna get it done. This is an interesting bout, Toby is 1-0 with a win over Jack Lennon by guillotine (big shout out to wee Jack brilliant lad) I’m 1-1 with my win also being against Jack but I won by decision. I’m a fan who fell in love with making that walkman, I started off training just over 3 years ago by taking part in the Ultra MMA events for cancer research. I lost my charity fight, I then took a debut bout against Jack and I won that. I think Toby has probably been around about the same time training as me, the only difference being obviously he trains full time with a team, shout out to Mike Tedham and his lads at Tapout Knockout Carlisle, another great bunch of lads. I fought Jack on Mike’s show Vision MMA Combat UK in my debut a few years back so I do like these boys, they’re all business man. What do I make of toby? Good fighter, he will have gotten better over the last two years obviously but as have I, so that makes for a better fight. Toby seems like a decent lad as I said already it’s all business. we’re gonna have some fun with it, we’re probably gonna chat some shit back and forth, get in the cage make each other bleed then have a pint after it. Let’s put on a show Toby son, it’s gonna be a great night for everyone Involved.”


What can the fight fans come to expect from you when the lights shine down on the proverbial Lion’s den and the bell rings in Middlesbrough?


“The fans in Middlesbrough already know what’s about to go down. I don’t give a single fuck what this lad has, I’m coming forward and we will meet in the centre of that cage and throw down. Entertainment from start to finish, from the walk out to the spark out I’m going to put on a show and gain myself some fans while I’m at it. I’ve grown a lot over the last couple of years, I want the opportunity to show my worth and I’m getting that. I will not throw that away, man. Shout out to Steve and Nev at British Fighting Championship for the opportunity and for putting this fight on for the fans, we will not disappoint.”


The organisation is going all out to make sure their third card to date is one the fans in the Middlesbrough Sports village will not soon forget. Other than your inclusion on the night are there any matchups in particular that you’re looking forward to witnessing?


“I’m looking forward to every fight, I’m excited for every single fighter on that card. I love everything about this, I’m looking forward to watching my guy Andrew Dunlop from Ayr who is fighting on the card against Tayyab Khan. Andrew is also fighting at On Top in three weeks, shout out to him. Another shout out to my man Anthony Prior, who was meant to be headlining his second BFC card but unfortunately has had to retire following an ankle injury. I’m gutted for him, I know how hard he was working and how much he wanted it but he will still be there that night and will be in my corner again!”


It’s been great speaking with you today Adam and I hope the remainder of your camp goes well, I look forward to witnessing your career unfold.


“Thanks a lot for chatting to me mate, it’s been a good one. I hope I managed to get a few things out man I’m not the best talker but we move! Cheers brother, I’ll be sure to put on a show for everyone.”


Last but not least do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


Buckle up troops, this is going to be an absolute fucking banger I promise. Big shout out to my Mrs Carolanne and my four beautiful kids, I couldn’t do this without them. Anthony Prior for believing in me and sticking by me through everything, because of him I am evolving. Steve and Nev at the British Fighting championship for the opportunity, and for giving me the opportunity last time to redeem myself when no one else would. My message to anyone reading is to be kind man, you don’t know what’s going on in the background, what you do and say to someone could be the making or breaking of them. Take the lead, lead by example, be a wolf amongst sheep, I love you all see you fight night!”

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