Across The Pond Profile: PFL MMA fighter Daniel Ladero

European fighters have been the authors of many a comeback story in recent memory for PFL MMA due to the organization’s ability to maintain a consistent level of activity and keeping their stable of fighters fresh with opportunities¬†for personal and professional maturity. In today’s episode of¬†Across The Pond,¬†you will be introduced to a bull of punishing preciseness ready to charge at the opposition with a dose of Spanish severity at light heavyweight as the promotion’s euro arm swings into action. A professional mixed martial artist since January 2019 and representing¬†Taz Jinamar, Daniel Ladero owns a 3-1 record through four contests comprised of two submissions and one knockout. He has finished 100 percent of his wins during his time in the professional ranks with all three of those victories coming inside of two rounds. Ladero has fought for several organizations over the course of his career as a professional MMA fighter including Cage Warriors. He has not reached the scorecards at any point during his pro career thus far. Ladero has two first-round finishes under his belt in addition to one second-round finish in four appearances so far. He has also fought for WTE Fight Championship and Slam Arena in his home nation of Spain.

In his MMA debut at WTE Fight Championship 6, he tapped out Joao Mimoso via guillotine choke in round one. Ladero also submitted Adam Nasibov in the first round via heel hook at WTE Fight Championship 7 to secure his second submission win as a professional.

Then at Slam Arena 3, he defeated Reinaldo da Silva via technical knockout in round two. The victory earned Ladero the first knockout win of his professional career. He also maintained his 100 percent finish rate in addition to securing his third victory to begin his professional career in the process. At 3-1, this cannon of Spanish flame is something right out of the historical pages of yesteryear!

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