NZMMAF And IMMAFA Have Both Pulled Out Of The 2023 IMMAF Youth Championships

Since we published our report regarding the high-profile departures of Safe MMA and Will Lexton-Jones from IMMAF, two national federations have released statements announcing that they won’t be attending the Youth World Championships this summer.

Yesterday Australia voted unanimously in favour of non-attendance, highlighting safeguarding issues that date back to the 2021 youth world championships in Bulgaria, up until the most recent Senior World championships in Serbia. This morning New Zealand also announced that they will not participate in the upcoming Youth World Championships, highlighting similar reasons to Australia.

However, both National Federations do intend to compete at the Oceana Championships hosted by New Zealand in June. New Zealand as hosts have reassured the other Oceanian federations that their safeguarding policies are watertight and all the athletes will be protected. At the conclusion of the continental championships, New Zealand will review their future with IMMAF, it seems that they’re not happy with the current structure of the global federation. We have learned that several other national federations have scheduled emergency board meetings to discuss their future with the organization,

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