Paddy Pimblett – Matt Frevola is the “easiest route into the top 15.”

Fresh off a sensational first-round knockout victory over Drew Dober at UFC 288, Matt Frevola is looking to make his way up the lightweight division by challenging one of the most talked-about fighters in the UFC roster: Paddy Pimblett.

Frevola’s Callout

Frevola made no delay in his intention to fight Pimblett, even though the Liverpudlian fighter is currently out of action after undergoing ankle surgery. The 31-year-old fighter called out Pimblett, saying he wants to fight him later this year.

Pimblett’s Response

Although Pimblett was caught off guard by Frevola’s callout, he still responded via Instagram, saying that he would fight Frevola when he returns to the octagon. He added that it would be the “easiest route into the top 15.”

Frevola Responds to Pimblett’s Comments

Frevola, who didn’t take offence to Pimblett’s slight jab, acknowledged that the lightweight division is full of talented fighters, and anyone can beat anybody on any given day. He knows he has what it takes to knock out anybody in the world if given the opportunity.

Frevola is Ready for Pimblett

Frevola likes the idea of testing himself against Pimblett, one of the most talked-about fighters on the UFC roster. Frevola is ready to take on Pimblett and is willing to wait for a fight of that magnitude, especially since Pimblett is still recovering from his ankle surgery.

The Fight Timeline

Frevola believes that the ideal time for the fight would be at Madison Square Garden in November, where he believes he and Pimblett would have a fun time-fighting. If Pimblett needs more time, Frevola wouldn’t mind fighting him in Las Vegas in December.

Frevola’s Game Plan

Frevola is confident in his ability to test Pimblett anywhere and everywhere, whether the fight stays standing or hits the ground. He’s excited to grapple with Pimblett, who has high-level jiu-jitsu and feels that his jiu-jitsu is also high-level.

Frevola is excited to showcase all his weapons in the octagon and believes that fighting Pimblett would give him an excellent opportunity to do so.

The Bottom Line

Frevola and Pimblett’s fight would be an entertaining one for MMA fans. Frevola is confident in his abilities, but Pimblett is a talented fighter who has quickly become one of the most talked-about fighters on the UFC roster. The fight is still a few months away, and anything can happen, but the MMA world is already buzzing about the prospect of Frevola and Pimblett facing off in the octagon.

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