Denmark Pull Out Of IMMAF Youth Championship

DMMAF statement regarding IMMAF and participation in upcoming tournaments

To the IMMAF board and CEO,

The Danish Mixed Martial Arts Federation, DMMAF, have found it necessary to withdraw from the upcoming IMMAF youth tournament.
The recent, and ongoing, situation regarding IMMAF and its management have made it clear that the organisation is no longer stable – and the DMMAF have, at the current hour, lost trust in IMMAF to safeguard our youth in their tournaments. This is only one of the many concerns that revolves around IMMAF at the moment, where we have seen key staff leave, public outcry against the management
and major democratic and financial issues – as well as a complete lack of transparency.

Much can be said about the situation, of which the DMMAF already feel have been described by other IMMAF members. But it is clear that the current way IMMAF is being managed is not sustainable.

Furthermore, there has also been an alleged call for an EGM by no more than five (5) member countries from all of the over 120 members within IMMAF. But from the wording of the IMMAF CEO and President, apparently only around 20 members are actually eligible to vote and call for this EGM.

The sole reason for this is that IMMAF apparently do not have their finances in order and have failed to provide invoices to the members in general, and sometimes with a great delay that completely removes the possibility for a fair constitution of the members at the upcoming
Extraordinary General Meeting this Saturday June 3rd.

The sole purpose of the EGM is to remove two founders of IMMAF, Honorary President August Wallén, and current Vice President, George Sallfeldt. Two honourable members of IMMAF, who have not had the chance to defend themselves against these allegations. People, who have spent the last decade trying to better our sport in every aspect possible.

As soon as Mr. Wallén the first time pointed out that something needed to be investigated the DMMAF have tried to inquire into the state of  affairs of IMMAF. Already on the 23/3-2023 we sent an email to the IMMAF board, where we asked for transparency, insight and explanations (e.g. about where all of the money have gone and how the IMMAF are in substantial debt) to several problematic issues. The DMMAF have not received an answer.

On 23/5-2023 the DMMAF also asked the IMMAF if they could provide information about which countries that have requested the EGM and how. We also asked them to provide minutes from AGMs and board meetings, as they are required to provide. No answer, other than “the DMMAF can find minutes from AGM in earlier emails”..

Other federations, who also inquired about the EGM were simply met with a “GDPR/privacy” excuse, and therefore IMMAF management didn’t provide the requested details. This is beyond undemocratic. All attempts to achieve transparency into the affairs and finances of IMMAF have been shut down by the IMMAF management and this makes it very clear that something needs to change.

If there still is to be any doubt about the severity of this situation, we would like to direct focus to not only the DMMAFs earlier statements, but also all of our fellow IMMAF members that have spoken out against this (Norway, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, Australia, England, Wales, Estonia and the list goes on).

On behalf of the DMMAF board,
Jacob Vingård
President, DMMAF

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