Controversy Strikes UFC 291: Cachoeira Accused of Dirty Tactics in Maverick Showdown

The early prelim fight at UFC 291 between female flyweights Miranda Maverick and Priscilla Cachoeira took an unexpected turn, leaving fans and fighters alike questioning Cachoeira’s tactics. Maverick emerged victorious via third-round submission, but not without facing challenges during the bout.

Cachoeira Accused of Dirty Tactics

During the fight, a video emerged on Twitter showing Cachoeira violently tugging on Maverick’s top while trapped in side control and taking elbow strikes. The questionable move led to accusations of intentional foul play, which isn’t entirely new for Cachoeira.

Maverick Calls for Point Deduction

Maverick believed that a point deduction was warranted due to Cachoeira’s actions. According to Maverick, Cachoeira had been engaging in questionable tactics throughout the fight, which affected her performance and emotions inside the octagon. She expressed frustration with the referee’s handling of the situation, feeling that more should have been done to penalize Cachoeira for her behaviour.

History of Fouls

This isn’t the first time Cachoeira has come under scrutiny for intentional fouls during a fight. In a previous bout against Gillian Robertson at UFC 269, she attempted to defend against a rear-naked choke by sticking a thumb in Robertson’s eye, causing controversy and outrage among observers. Cachoeira defended her actions at the time, but eventually issued a public apology for the incident.

Maverick’s Cautionary Approach

Aware of Cachoeira’s reputation, Maverick entered the fight cautiously, aiming to protect herself from any potential foul play. She encountered difficulties during the fight as her hands got stuck in places they shouldn’t have due to Cachoeira’s actions. Maverick strategized to soften up her opponent before going for a submission, but the constant concern about fouls made the encounter even more challenging.

Pre-Fight Warning

Maverick took proactive measures to address her concerns about fouls with the referee before the fight. She made it clear that she did not want to risk getting poked in the eyes by Cachoeira, especially considering her history of intentional eye gouging in a previous fight. The referee assured Maverick that they would be vigilant about monitoring fouls during the match.

Post-Fight Records

After the UFC 291 event, Cachoeira’s two-fight win streak came to an end, and her record dropped to 12-5. On the other hand, Maverick bounced back from her previous loss at UFC 289, improving her record to 12-5 as well.

As the dust settles from UFC 291, fans and fighters reflect on the controversial early prelim fight, hoping that measures will be taken to ensure fair and sportsmanlike conduct inside the octagon.

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