Nate Diaz Earns More in Boxing Bout Than Entire MMA Career

Nate Diaz Earns More in Boxing Bout Than Entire MMA Career

Nate Diaz, the renowned mixed martial artist, stepped into the boxing ring this past weekend to face Jake Paul in his pro boxing debut. While the outcome may not have favoured Diaz, who fell short against “The Problem Child” in a fairly one-sided decision, the showdown proved to be a lucrative venture for the former UFC star.

Diaz’s Stunning Payout

According to a report by Bloody Elbow, Diaz is set to earn the biggest payday of his entire career by a significant margin. Zach Rosenfield, a representative for Real Fight Inc., delved into the finer points of Diaz’s deal, revealing that the earnings would reach into the eight-figure range, a figure typically reserved for top boxers.

A Structured Deal

Diaz’s contract was structured in a manner quite similar to that of a top-notch boxer, positioning him as a 50/50 partner with Jake Paul for the highly-promoted fight. The financial arrangements were such that Diaz stood to earn a staggering amount, potentially surpassing the $15 to $20 million he earned during his MMA career, especially if the event achieved remarkable success on pay-per-view.

A Lucrative Trend

Diaz’s record-breaking payday alongside fellow MMA fighter Francis Ngannou, who also reaped substantial rewards in the boxing ring, has opened the eyes of many fighters to the immense financial opportunities that lie in boxing. With more fighters now considering a transition to boxing, it’s evident that the allure of substantial financial rewards may transform the landscape of combat sports.

As Diaz walked away from the boxing match with his head held high, he not only entertained the audience but also secured a remarkable financial windfall that may redefine the financial prospects for fighters seeking lucrative opportunities outside the octagon. The era of MMA fighters exploring boxing as a viable avenue for massive paydays has undoubtedly arrived, and Diaz’s journey may be the catalyst for a profound shift in the combat sports realm.

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