Charles Oliveira’s Sneaky Move to Try And Change Title Fight

In a twist that adds intrigue to an already anticipated showdown, Charles Oliveira, the Brazilian submission artist, has unveiled a crafty bluff he played to alter the course of his UFC lightweight title fight with Islam Makhachev.

Changing the Game

Oliveira and Makhachev are set to cross paths once again, a year after their initial clash for the lightweight crown. The battleground remains the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, where Makhachev had previously submitted Oliveira to claim the vacant title. The rematch promises to be a fierce redemption attempt for the Brazilian, but a recent revelation has raised eyebrows about the mental chess match leading up to the fight.

A Calculated Ruse

Fans were briefly left questioning the status of Oliveira’s fitness for the October bout. It seemed as though the title fight might be in jeopardy, casting doubts on Makhachev’s chance to defend his title on the Abu Dhabi canvas. However, Oliveira, in an unexpected turn of events, confessed to employing a well-calculated bluff about his injury status.

In a candid revelation on The MMA Hour, the 33-year-old shared, “What changed is that I just learned how to play. Now I’m playing.” He went on to explain, “What I knew was that the UFC was planning to maybe have a fight in Brazil in November, so I was trying to push it to November. I was just playing with them. Obviously, it didn’t work, so now I’m fighting in October, but that’s what I was doing: I was bluffing.”

A Champion’s Resilience

Oliveira’s mental gamesmanship adds a layer of complexity to his rematch with Makhachev. Following his title loss to the Russian grappler, Oliveira orchestrated a triumphant return by knocking out Beneil Dariush in June. The victory showcased his resilience and the striking power that complements his submission wizardry.

Notably, Oliveira’s previous stint as the lightweight champion, held from May 2021 to May 2022, was marred by a weight miss that led to his title being stripped. Despite the setback, he rallied by submitting Justin Gaethje and setting the stage for the initial clash with Makhachev.

The Mind Games Continue

As fight night approaches, the revelation of Oliveira’s bluff casts a spotlight on the psychological warfare that often accompanies high-stakes showdowns in the Octagon. Oliveira’s willingness to openly discuss his tactics gives fans a glimpse into the strategic manoeuvres behind the scenes, enhancing the narrative of his quest for redemption against Makhachev.

The Brazilian fighter’s blend of submission mastery, knockout prowess, and now, mind games, sets the stage for an electrifying rematch. When Oliveira and Makhachev step into the cage once more, it won’t just be their physical skills on display, but also their mental acumen, making this rematch an even more compelling spectacle for MMA enthusiasts around the world.

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