In an adrenaline-fueled event, BKB 35 unfolded on Saturday, November 25, 2023, at Indigo, The O2 Arena in London, England. Seven intense fights captivated fans, showcasing the raw power and skill of bare-knuckle boxing.

Fight Results:

1. Jimmy Sweeney vs. Marley Churcher
• Result: Jimmy Sweeney defeated Marley Churcher via KO-1
2. Carl Hobley vs. CJ Mills
• Result: Carl Hobley defeated CJ Mills via TKO-3
3. Tony Shields vs. Liam Wilson
• Result: Tony Shields defeated Liam Wilson via TKO-1
4. Benjamin Robinson vs. Gavin Curragh
• Result: Benjamin Robinson defeated Gavin Curragh via UD-3
5. Paul Hilz vs. Nathan Massey
• Result: Paul Hilz defeated Nathan Massey via TKO-1
6. Dan Gittens vs. Jack McLean
• Result: Dan Gittens defeated Jack McLean via TKO-3
7. Corey Healey vs. Hayden Sherriff
• Result: Corey Healey defeated Hayden Sherriff via SD-3
8. Andrei Nastac vs. Tony Barratt
• Result: Andrei Nastac defeated Tony Barratt via TKO-1
9. Aaron Sinclair vs. Sultan Ahmed
• Result: Aaron Sinclair defeated Sultan Ahmed via UD-3
10. Mathilda Wilson vs. Maria Nitescu
• Result: Mathilda Wilson defeated Maria Nitescu via DQ-3

The night was filled with knockout victories, technical stoppages, and strategic battles, highlighting the essence of bare-knuckle combat. BKB 35 left spectators in awe and eager for more.

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