“It Has Nothing to Do With Me” Dana White on UFC Antitrust Lawsuit

UFC Boss Dana White has spoken on the company’s ongoing antitrust lawsuit.

Despite being somewhat overshadowed by other news, the UFC is slated for a crucial trial in April. The company has been involved in a gradual antitrust lawsuit, with Cung Le and Nate Quarry fronting a class action suit that questions the UFC‘s stronghold as the leading force in MMA.

The lawsuit asserts, among various claims, that the UFC engaged in acquiring competitors while simultaneously diminishing fighter pay. In recent months, the discovery phase has unveiled substantial information.

Notable revelations involve disclosed payouts to important figures like Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey, as well as insights into negotiations involving fighters such as Nate Diaz.

UFC Antitrust Lawsuit

Recently, Federal Judge Richard Boulware rejected Zuffa’s motion for summary judgment and the request to exclude testimony from some of the plaintiff’s experts. Consequently, the trial is set to proceed. Despite these legal developments, Dana White, the promoter, appears unbothered, offering minimal discussion on the matter.

During a recent interview with SportsNet’s Aaron Bronsteter, Dana White was directly questioned about the ongoing lawsuit. In response, the promoter issued a statement, expressing no worry whatsoever. According to White, the situation does not directly involve him, leading to his lack of concern.

White, dismissed any concerns about the UFC heading to trial in April. He stated, “I give literally zero thought to it. I don’t think about it ever; it has nothing to do with me.” Despite White’s nonchalance, the case is gaining momentum after a decade of a slow-moving trial, with Federal Judge Richard Boulware criticizing the UFC in November. The UFC has been slammed multiple times for their lack of competition and poor fighter pay.

If the UFC loses, potential payouts could range from $811 million to $1.6 billion, potentially tripled in an antitrust case. While a settlement is possible, it seems unlikely at present. Fighters are eligible for a payout, with an option for over 1000 athletes to opt out.

White Announces More Fights

The buildup for UFC 300 intensifies with every new fight announcement, and Boss Dana White recently stirred excitement with a surprising reveal. In a never done move before, White announced the first-ever BMF title defense, pitting lightweight champion Justin Gaethje against Max Holloway.

This unexpected twist adds to the confirmed clash for the strawweight title between Zhang Weili and Yan Xiaonan. With the eight-fight lineup expanding on April 13, anticipation for UFC 300 is reaching new heights.

As UFC 300 approaches with both legal and sporting spectacles, Dana White’s nonchalant stance on the antitrust lawsuit contrasts sharply with the escalating anticipation for an unforgettable April.

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