Blaydes Calls Out Aspinall After Stunning KO Win at UFC 299

In a stunning turn of events at UFC 299, Curtis Blaydes etched his name as the top contender for the interim heavyweight title with a remarkable comeback knockout victory over the surging Jailton Almeida. The win not only cemented Blaydes’ status as a force in the heavyweight division but also reignited his long-standing desire for a rematch against the reigning interim champion, Tom Aspinall.


The Unfinished Business Between Aspinall and Blaydes

Following his impressive triumph, Blaydes wasted no time in calling out Aspinall, declaring, “I believe me and Aspinall have some unfinished business. I’d like to get that one next. That’s my next fight: Aspinall.”

Their initial encounter in July 2022 ended abruptly after just 15 seconds, with Aspinall suffering a devastating knee injury. Now, with Aspinall holding the interim heavyweight title and Blaydes riding high on his recent victory, the stage seems set for a highly anticipated rematch.


Aspinall Accepts the Challenge

Aspinall, who claimed the interim title with a first-round knockout against Sergei Pavlovich in November 2023, didn’t hesitate to accept Blaydes’ challenge. Responding to a fan’s call for a summer showdown on Twitter, the British fighter confidently stated, “Don’t gotta ask me twice. I’m in.”

The potential matchup between Aspinall and Blaydes promises to be a captivating affair, with both fighters eager to settle the score and claim the coveted interim heavyweight championship.


A Potential UK Homecoming for Aspinall

While nothing is set in stone yet, rumours suggest that the UFC might return to the United Kingdom for a summer event. If this materializes, Blaydes has expressed his willingness to travel across the pond, declaring, “London was dope. I’m down to go back.”

A homecoming fight for Aspinall against the formidable Blaydes would undoubtedly generate immense excitement among British MMA fans, further amplifying the anticipation surrounding this potential heavyweight clash.


Gane on the Backburner for Blaydes

Amidst the speculation surrounding his next opponent, Blaydes firmly dismissed the notion of facing Ciryl Gane, another potential contender for the interim title. “I feel like you guys are all trying to edge me towards Gane, that’s not happening,” Blaydes stated. “I asked for him already in the past, he missed that bus. If it’s not Aspinall, we’ll figure it out.”


Blaydes’ unwavering focus on securing a rematch with Aspinall underscores the significance of their unfinished business and the potential for a thrilling showdown between two top heavyweights.


With the heavyweight division in a state of flux due to the undisputed champion Jon Jones’ injury recovery, the interim title bout between Aspinall and Blaydes could be a pivotal moment in shaping the future of the division. As the UFC explores potential venues and dates, fans eagerly await the official announcement of this highly anticipated rematch, which promises to be a clash of titans in the octagon.

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