The Once Juggernaut: Joe Joyce vs Kash Ali

Joe Joyce made an anti-climactic comeback to the boxing arena with an overdue knockout in the tenth round. The former heavyweight contender had an overly cautious start to his return last night.

Joyce, who weighed a whopping twenty-seven stone and six pounds, approached Kash Ali warily. Probably because of his recent losses to Zhilei Zhang, he initially refrained from throwing the powerful blows that were anticipated of him. But the ‘Juggernaut’ resulted in turning to old ways in the seventh round where he was forced to take action, and he launched a reckless flurry of shots that eventually landed on a less than coming forward Ali.

Kash Ali’s coach was heard saying in his corner, “I could beat him, you’re just fucking pissing about & I don’t know why”

Ali who seemed to have loss his bottle became a heavy bag for Joyce, where he took a couple to the mid-section with minor damage, and Joyce’s moves seemed a little forced and depleted from the excess weight. The fight continued into a painful watch of Joyce unsure whether to be the ‘Juggernaut’ and Ali more concerned about Joyce being the ‘Juggernaut’. It was a whole lot of stand-off ish of nothing. In the last round Ali startled Joyce briefly with a hard right hook.

Joyce secured a lack lusting tenth round knockout of Ali with a drained right jab with only seconds remaining, sending Ali retreating to the canvas after a disappointing matchup. This conclusion highlights Joyce’s as the once ‘Juggernaut’ who has left his aggression back in the ring with Zheli Zang.

A long road back to title contention, can Joyce make the adjustments to become a 2.0 version of his old self?


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