Cage Warriors Academy South East 34 – Live Results

⌈Get ready for the action-packed showdown at Cage Warriors Academy South East 34, set to ignite the Civic Hall in Grays, Essex, on Saturday, April 6, 2024. With a whopping 28 fights lined up, MMA UK will be on-site, providing live results and exclusive post-fight interviews with the winners. Stay tuned for all the updates!


Main Event

Pro 135lb Title Fight

Ollie Sarwa vs Simone Valle

Winner Sarwa TKO round 1



Pro 115lb interim title

Charlie Falco vs Jakub Weidenthaler

Winner Falco GNP round 1


Amateur 185lb Title

Lewis Mclelland vs Harry Tomkins

Winner Tomkins via TKO


Amateur 170lb Title

Ben Edwards vs Rob Earls

Winner Edwards via UD


Amateur 155lb Title

Cameron Stewart vs Kadre Dene

Winner Stewart via GNP round 2


Amateur 145lb Title

Addis Drummond vs Jaccob Gifford

Winner Gifford via armbar round 1


Amateur 135lb Title

Yassin El-Madhi vs Brennan Gait

Winner Gait via UD


Amateur 115lb Title

Louise Bennett vs Chloe Gowen

Winner Gowen via UD


Amateur 145lb

Mason Kinsella vs Aggelos Antoniou

Winner Kinsella via TKO round 3


Amateur 145lb

Tommy Summers vs Sam Hadley

Winner Hadley via TKO round 3


Amateur 175lb

Mitchell Kennedy vs Kenny Mbongo

Winner Kennedy via UD


Amateur 185lb

George Ward vs Fenton Brett

Winner Brett via Head Kick KO


Amateur 145lb

Jakob Kawiorski vs Luca Biuso

Winner Kawiorski via UD


Amateur 155lb

Aaranan Arulvannan vs Harry Hilden

Winner Arulvannan via RNC round 1


Amateur 145lb

Harris Kehlar vs Will Matier

Winner Matier via RNC round 2


Amateur 155lb

Mitchell Thorpe vs Jayden Wilkinson

Winner Thorpe via UD


Amateur 135lb

Darnell Jackson vs Kenu Suthakaran

Winner Suthakaran via UD


Amateur 135lb

Elias Kane-Boston vs George Hoad

Winner Hoad via UD


Amateur 135lb

Ethan Lewis vs Steve McMorris

Ethan Lewis via triangle choke round 2


Amateur 125lb

Roy Pugh vs Tarran Padda

Winner Padda via TKO round 1


Amateur 125lb Title

Camilla Bergstrom vs Gemma Auld

Auld via RNC round 3


Amateur 125lb

Dilawar Nasir vs Christian Young

Winner Young via RNC round 1


Amateur 170lb

Henrik Haugetun vs Jiri Sidi


Amateur 170lb

Edmond Sejdijaj vs Pavlo Pivarov


Amateur 155lb

Ghamien Zalo vs Flaviu Andrei

Winner Zalo via D’arce choke


Amateur 155lb

Jennifer Ankerud vs Martyna Przybylska

Winner Przybylska via UD


Amateur 135lb

Julian Torhaug vs Mark Mansfield

Winner Torgaug via TKO round 1


Amateur 145lb

Aron Ullvang vs Harry Winsor

Winner Winsor via UD


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