Jack ‘Tank’ Shore speaks to MMAUK

Jack ‘Tank’ Shore is one of Europe’s most promising fighters. He is on a 5 fight win streak in the professional ranks added to a 12 fight win streak in the amateurs.

He won gold at the IMMAF European Championships in 2015 and just defeated Konmon Deh at Cage Warriors 83 in Newport on Saturday by submission in the first round.

If he keeps on the current path it won’t be long until he joins fellow Welshmen Brett Johns and Jack Marshman in the UFC.

MMAUK: Congratulations on your victory against Konmon Deh. This was widely expected to be a step up in the quality of opponent for you however you handled this task with relative ease. 

Did you feel he was a step up?

Did the fight go as you expected or were you expecting a tougher test?

JS: On paper the fight would definitely be seen as a step up, but me and my team know the level I’m at and what I’m capable of. I did think it would take a little longer for the finish to come but other than that it went as planned.


MMAUK: You are on a 5 fight win streak since turning pro with only one going beyond the first round. 

All your first round victories have been by submission. 

Are you from a grappling background before you turned to MMA?

JS: I don’t really come from any specific background, I started off kickboxing as a youngster but have always trained in MMA from a young age.


MMAUK: You had a big support at the recent Cage Warriors in Wales. 

Does this give you extra motivation to do well for all the fans that turn up to support you?

JS: Yes of course. Wherever I fight I always take a massive crowd with me. All of them spend their own money to come watch me so it’s always nice to put on a show for them.


MMAUK: You had quite an extensive amateur career with a record of 12-0. This culminated in you winning gold at the IMMAF European Championships in 2015.

How much did this experience help you for turning pro?

JS: Massively, the IMMAF put me up against the best fighters in Europe for four days straight. It showed to me and everyone else the level I was at and that I was ready to take on the pro ranks.


MMAUK: Would you recommend more amateurs to enter IMMAF Competitions?

JS: Yes no doubt, I think if any amateur is serious about their career they should compete in the IMMAF’s. Not only does it put you up against the best opposition but it also creates a great platform for amateurs to showcase their skills.


MMAUK: There has been a recent trend of Welsh Cage Warriors champions moving on to the UFC in Jack Marshman and Brett Johns.

What do you see the future holding for you?

JS: Right now I’m just taking one fight at a time. I want to continue to climb the ranks and fight better opposition. I know if I can keep doing what I’m doing and performing the way I am then the big shows will come calling.


MMAUK: You train at Tillery Combat where your father is head coach.

Does it make things more special having your father in your corner and training you?

JS: It’s hard to say because he’s always been my coach so I don’t know any different. But people see the connection we do have and I think that transcends into my performance. There is full trust between us throughout training and during the fight. If he says that I’m doing something wrong or something needs to be changed then I know it’s 100% for the best.


MMAUK: Are there any other fighters from the gym on the cusp of turning pro?

JS: We have a lot of great amateurs at Tillery Combat, who are racking up the experience. I think a lot of them will follow in my footsteps and look to get lots of amateur experience, and go on to compete in the IMMAF worlds and euros. You’ll be hearing names like Jack Tucker, Jordan Peake, Sean Scrivens, Michael Jones amongst a lot of others a lot more in the next few years I’m sure.


MMAUK: Who would you say has been your biggest inspiration within the sport?

JS: Richard Shore, no doubt. Forgetting the father aspect, as a coach he leads from the front and has competed in various disciplines at high levels. He’s someone that everyone at Tillery Combat looks up to!



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