Kevin Lee, and Michael Chiesa brawl at UFC press conference

It was an eventful afternoon at the UFC‘s summer kickoff press conference- which saw a fired up Michael Chiesa lunge across the stage at opponent, Kevin Lee.

The pair had to be separated by security and escorted away, as Chiesa charged across the stage – with Lee landing a punch – after a number of heated words were exchanged.

It all started when Lee mentioned Chiesa’s mother, something the former TUF winner didn’t take to kindly to.

“He’s gonna headline because of me,” Said Lee. “After that, he’s going back to the prelims. But I just hope he shows up, because I know his momma’s got tickets.”

Chiesa replied, “Don’t you ever talk about my f*cking mom. … I’m gonna smack the f*ck out of your right now, don’t you ever talk about my mom.”

Chiesa proceeded to drop the mic and run over to Lee’s side of the stage. Security held both men back, though not before Lee threw a right hand over a security guard’s shoulder. The pair were both held off stage but were able to return for the stare down.

The two will meet in the main event of UFC Fight Night 112 on June 25 in Oklahoma City.

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