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Book Review: Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran From Fields To The Garden 2

Zac Robinson has written several books on MMA, but his best-known work was ‘From Fields To The Garden’ about the life and times of the famed cutman Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran.

Its been out a while now, but we have the follow-up, From Fields To The Garden 2, it carries on along the same lines as the first book which as the first book was an excellent read, it makes the second book equally as good.

We get even more behind the scenes stories from the world of MMA and boxing, Duran has been in the corner of some of the biggest names in both boxing and MMA, so he has plenty of stories to tell.

Duran had a much-publicised departure from the UFC following comments he made in an interview regarding the Reebok deal. The details of the bitter split from a company he worked for since 2001 are in the book, along with how Burt Watson also left the UFC, both stories make for fascinating reading.

You get the stories from his time working on two of the Rocky films, Rocky Balboa and Creed, plus his time with boxers like Andre Ward and the Klitschkos.

There are loads of other stories from Duran’s long career, and the book comes highly recommended.