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Jenna Ross interview ahead of Rama Evolution 3

Jenna Ross is fighting on Rama Evolution3 in Linwood, Scotland on the 24th February.

Not only is she fighting on the show she is helping organise the event as well.

We caught up with Jenna to find out her thoughts on her opponent, juggling organising and preparing for the fight.

MMA UK: You are due to meet Paloma Arranz on Feb 24th, what do you know of her and how do you see the fight playing out?

JR: I’m really excited to fight Paloma as I know that she is from Panicos’ gym – All Powers, therefore I can imagine she will be technical and a skilled points scorer. I don’t know much about her style as I have only seen 1 or 2 of her fights, but from what I’ve seen she always goes in ready to fight. I think this fight will be fast-paced and technical which is the way I prefer to fight, so definitely one I’m looking forward to.

MMA UK: You are helping organise RAMA Evolution as well as competing, do you feel this is an area you would like to become more involved, putting on events? Does it give you a better insight into the sport? Has it interfered with your training at all?

JR: Yes at the moment I am helping Robert Morrison and Scott Russell out with the show by putting posters together. I haven’t had much involvement in the matching side of things as I feel I would need a bit more knowledge first before I start contacting coaches etc. However, it is definitely something I would be happy to continue doing in the future, but maybe not taking on too much responsibility as I am a full-time student and feel I wouldn’t be able to fully commit to the show’s organisation.

MMA UK: You last fought at On Top last year and suffered a defeat by Kat Paton. Did you learn anything from this performance?

JR: Well firstly, most people know that I did not agree with the decision that night and there was some slight controversy involved, so it’s not something I like publicly talking about as drama is the last thing the sports needs. Kat and I both get along really well and are professional enough to stay friends even after fighting 3 times, whereas some people wouldn’t have that much respect. Nonetheless, it was definitely one of my most enjoyable fights even though I didn’t get the decision. The small gloves and the cage set up were a great experience and novelty and I felt that my strikes had more venom in them, so it’s definitely something I’d love to do again.

MMA UK: How did you become involved in Muay Thai?

JR: I became involved in Muay Thai when I was about 16. I was originally into dancing, however, my dance school closed its doors and I then found a love for Thai boxing. I started out attending the ladies classes where it was mainly based around cardio and fitness, after about a year of that, my coach (Scott Russell) encouraged me into the more technical classes and sparring. I was slightly wary at first but soon started improving and getting more confident and one month after my first sparring class I had my first N class bout down in Leeds (which I lost). I never gave up, I simply had more drive to improve and earn a name for myself and now just over three years later I’m ranked #7 in the UK with 13 fights under my belt.

MMA UK: What do you hope to achieve within the sport?

JR: I think I want to achieve what every other fighter does, which is to be the best. My nature has always been competitive no matter what the challenge, so I don’t think I’ll ever stop trying until I’m old and crippled (will probably still try and get matched, to be honest).


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